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Women of the Dark Streets (Anthology) at Bold Strokes Books

Genre Lesbian / Paranormal / Romance
Reviewed by jj on 19-March-2014

Book Blurb

Enter a midnight world of the supernatural—a world of vampires, werewolves, witches, ghosts, and demons. A seductive world limited only by your imagination, full of dark fantasies, hidden desires, and sexy women who rule the night. Edited by award-winning editors Radclyffe and Stacia Seaman, Women of the Dark Streets presents all new tales of the paranormal from your favorite Bold Strokes authors.


Book Review

This short story collection of paranormal tales with a lesbian base was by and large eye-opening, thrilling, and a stunning sampling of “off the beaten path” vignettes. It is hard to imagine anyone with even only a little bit of interest in psychic phenomena not finding multiple winners within this collection.  I totally recommend it.

Lucky Number Seven by Merry Shannon
Two gifted people work together to find the connections to an existing bomb that wrecked a train and additional important data. A brilliant and stunning ending, what an opener!

Come to Me by Sam Cameron         
A hardworking technician and mysterious stalker of sorts are more than enlightened about unimaginable entities hiding out in airport scanning equipment of all places! I was delightfully surprised at the unexpected ending. Astounding!

Full Moon Weekend by Meghan O'Brien
A loving female pair set out to a remote cabin location to experience the intensity of the full moon. One member of this couple is a super extraordinary shape shifter, but she is haunted and fearful of her internal wolf. This is a truly beautiful and loving episode with love as the most powerful healing element. Beautiful!

Tempura Mutantur by Jane Fletcher
This is certainly a haunting and love intensive story. A darkly and overpowering obsession morphs into a reunion that knocked my socks off. Splendiferous!

The Trickster Codex by Jess Faraday
With a delightful tongue-in-cheek quality, a provocative story unfolds with world shattering implications. The female gumshoe and the classy professor link up on more than one level. Distinctly funny, certainly thought provoking, with lots of great action. Fantastic!

For All Eternity by Victoria Oldham
A stunning ending reverberated from my head to my toes. The dream lover who turns in a real entity attempts to seduce the dreamer as she believes that is what she wants. A professor of mythology finds herself more than wrapped up in her educational specialty. Stunning!

Solstice by Karis Walsh              
Delightful action-packed confluence on the eve of a solstice celebration. Lycans, love, and sacrifice. Beautiful!

The Other Side of the Mirror by Valerie Bronwen
Brilliant and irresistible combination brought together by an ungainly, ugly even, object dear to the heart of a deceased lover. Magical!

Skin Walkers by D. Jackson Leigh                         
When love persists through many lifetimes, there is always the potential magic of reunion. Climactically resplendent!

Forget Me Not by Rebecca S. Buck                            
There have been times and places where a woman's love for another woman was a dangerous thing. An otherworldly encounter infused hope and determination to live and love as one desires. Sublime!

The Others by Nell Stark and Trinity Tam                            
A bit of a complex and multi-layer storyline that still nevertheless has a heartwarming reunion. Interesting!

Emily by Ronica Black                                       
A darkly disturbing brush with questionable magic that leads to an astounding one-eighty-degree turnaround after an apparent attempt at suicide. Mindboggling!

Study Break by Rebekah Weatherspoon                           
Two fellow students and sorority sisters share a particular personal closeness. One sister, the dominant student, is mutually agreeable to her regularly scheduled vampire feeding if it is witnessed by her submissive sister. The observing sister is filled with visions of a hoped for future yet crumples to the will of dominant. Mesmerizing!

Away with the Faeries by Lesley Davis              
Wondrous three-way duel between vampires, werewolves and faeries. The ending had me bowled over and howling with laughter. Grandiose!

In the Bell Tower by MJ Williamz                        
New Orleans and a sexy female vampire helps an awkward visitor blossom and make sweet, sweet love all night long. Delicious!

Bloodstone by Sheri Lewis Wohl                                  
Wonderful historical tale, that deliciously has the evil guy at the heart of the battle bested by some super sexy keepers of the flame. Marvelous!

Plagued by Darkness by L.T. Marie                    
Three hundred year old female vampire finds a love that may banish all loneliness and wanting forever. Powerfully fantastic.

Recyclables by Joey Bass                               
Delicious view of things from the police detective's perspective. Followed up with the over-the-top lusting viewpoint of the consultant for the police ex-FBI turned professor's viewpoint. Coitus interruptus...splendiferous!   

The Orient Express  by Shelley Thrasher                    
Fantasy and dreamlike story aboard the Orient Express, is imaginative and super sexy. Bon voyage!

Eris by William Pennington                                             
Confusing yet extremely seductive coupling of an Eros vampire and her companion. It felt like a chapter within a larger book. Nevertheless, it was satisfying and hot within the length of a  chapter. Intense!
Blood Moon by Yolanda Wallace                               
A curious vampire hunter, Alexandra, who claims to be completely unlike popularized fiction heroes falls in love with a vampire. That has made Alex into a much more selective hunter and as lovers, they are exquisite. Very fascinating!

Contrition by Mel Bossa                                    
Utterly confusing, rather depressing, and not understandable for me. This is the only story I cannot in all honesty recommend. That does leave twenty-three good selections to choose from in my perspective.

Deadly Glamour by L.L. Raand                             
Thoroughly captivating and sophisticated look at a world within the Terran confines that is not Terran by any stretch of the imagination. Intriguing conclusion that brings a whole new perspective to long-term incarceration. Superb!

Fresh Meat by Clara Nipper                                   
Positively delightful romp in and around the world of Roller Derby and a special breed of vampires. This is an enthralling and enjoyable conclusion to Women of the Dark Streets. Definitively admirable!






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Format ebook and print
Length Anthology/Short Stories, 336 pages/115743 words
Heat Level
Publication Date 01-March-2012
Price $7.99 ebook, $14.95 paperback, $17.99 bundle
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