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The Ties That Bind (Cade Creek 9) by Stormy Glenn at Siren Publishing

Genre Gay / Contemporary / Erotic Romance
Reviewed by Serena Yates on 20-November-2015

Book Blurb

Deputy Nick Hale and Dr. Devon Berkley have been best friends since grade school. They have always been there for each other, even when DB discovered he was gay and Nick was not. When tragedy strikes, being best friends might not be enough to keep Nick from making the worst mistake of his life.


DB has always had a thing for his best friend but he hid it under years of friendship. Not willing to let the man out of his life, DB ignores the attraction growing between them and helps Nick plan his future—even if that future is with someone else.


Nick Hale has always known DB had his back. The man being gay had never been an issue until one night, the comfort DB offers him brings to life fantasies he had buried long ago. When it seems like life has taken away his choices, Nick gives up his fantasies and goes with what he believes is right. But is it? Or is he fooling himself because the life he has always dreamed of might just be a fantasy?


Book Review

In this ninth book of the ‘Cade Creek’ series, the focus is on Nick, the deputy who took two bullets in the previous book to protect Artie, saving his life in the process. But healing from those wounds isn’t the only difficulty Nick faces, and as it turns out, they are the least of his worries. It’s a good thing Nick’s best friend, Devon Berkley or DB to his friends, is there to support him. As it turns out, both men make mistakes as they try to hide their true feelings for various idiotic reasons. I wanted to shake both of them, repeatedly, to try to make them see sense. After finishing, my first reaction was astonishment about how different this story was from all the other ‘Cade Creek’ books so far. But then I realized that was only on the surface. Underneath, this is still a book about love, the deep connections each character has to the other and the community of Cade Creek, and the emotional ties that bind them as a couple. Just – be ready for some epic stupidity from these two men before they see the light.

Nick has barely recovered from the shooting when tragedy strikes and he is suddenly in charge of his three-year-old nephew and nine-month-old niece. Beyond dealing with his grief, he now has to figure out how to raise two small kids – something he has no clue how to do. Through it all DB is right at his side, and they become closer than ever. So close, in fact, that Nick gets scared of losing his much coveted “straight card”, so he runs. Right into the arms of pretty much the next available/interested woman, who will make a wonderful mother, Nick is sure.

DB has loved his best friend since he figured out he was gay, but after one kiss when they were teenagers and Nick thoroughly rebuffing him, DB has retreated and tells himself that friendship is good enough. He wants to support Nick and the kids as much as he can, but when, after a kiss and oral sex, Nick turns away, DB is hurt. Watching Nick get closer to Jessica breaks DB’s heart. And when they finally get intimate despite all of Nick’s assurances about how straight he is, only for Nick to tell DB he is going to marry her, DB withdraws.

Both men suffer as the friendship is no more, but neither of them speaks up or manages to actually talk about anything. This is where I was ready to bang their heads together so they could see some sense. And then comes the bachelor party… well, I’m not going to spoil the story for you, but believe me, if you’re anything like me you’ll be yelling at your e-reader.

If you like stories about men who have no clue what they want and even once they do, they don’t speak up because they’d rather suffer in silence, if you believe that “smoking hot chemistry alone does not a couple make” before each partner has learned their lesson, and if you’re looking for a read that has infuriating yet loveable characters, lots of heat, and more than one twist and turn, then you will probably like this novella.





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Format ebook
Length Novella, 33286 words
Heat Level
Publication Date 12-November-2015
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