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The Fifth Son by Blaine D. Arden at Cayendi Press

Genre Gay / Historical / Fantasy / Magic / Romance
Reviewed by Serena Yates on 28-November-2014

Book Blurb

A prince without power

In a land where magic is commonplace, Prince Llyskel has none. He can’t command spells, he has never been taught to fight, and as the fifth son of the King, he will never rule. Everyone believes he’s a weakling, most of all himself.

Powerlessness is Llyskel’s problem—and his pleasure. In his secret fantasies, the prince dreams of nothing more than finding himself helpless at another man’s hands… particularly the hands of Captain Ariv of the Guards.

Then Ariv makes Llyskel’s dream a reality, and as the powerless prince surrenders to the soldier’s desire, he finds his own true strength at last. But a web of royal politics is closing around Llyskel, threatening to tear him from his lover, and it will take all his newfound courage to escape…

contains five shaded black-and-white illustrations by Yana Goya

NOTE: This is the second revised/re-edited edition of The Fifth Son. It was previously published by Storm Moon Press.


Book Review

A fairy tale from beginning to end, this story about an artistically talented prince who is different from everyone else around him because he possesses no magic captured me from the first page. The whole setting enchanted me as well: secret spots in the forest, water nymphs, a wonderful castle, and a yearning need for love are the perfect background for a story designed to take me away from it all, off into a world where spells and magic are as normal as breathing.

Llyskel is the only one in his family without a clear purpose, and since he is the youngest son and seen as weak at the same time, he’s got an uphill battle ahead of him. He desperately wants to be recognized as worthwhile, not be patronized any more, but it a hard when he cannot even open any doors without magic. It takes a few dangerous situations where he has to figure out what to do for him to gain some confidence – and recognition.

Captain Ariv is a great guy and very supportive of Llyskel. I loved how he didn’t treat the prince as an invalid - even though, strictly speaking, in that society he is. Ariv also shows Llyskel what he can do – and their training together is as hot as their bedroom activities. The official courting tradition, and Ariv sticking to it, was a nice detail.

This is a gentle story, one where even the mystery that needs to be solved and the interference from some evil meddlers adds a sense of adventure without making it stressful. If you’re looking for breathtaking action and ruthless villains, this is not your book. But if you’re in the mood for a romantic fairy tale with a twist and some nice mystery thrown in, give this one a try. My guess is you will like it, just like I did.





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Format ebook
Length Novella, 76 pages/24000 words
Heat Level
Publication Date 28-November-2014
Price $3.49 ebook
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