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The Cattery by K.A. Merikan at Acerbi & Villani

Genre Gay / Contemporary / Rent Boys/Escorts/Porn Stars / Multiple Partners / Erotic Romance
Reviewed by Serena Yates on 08-April-2016

Book Blurb

--- Role-playing a cat for six months? You said you’re paying how much? ---

Goran’s mouth has no filter, and it’s losing him job after job. Desperate and a week away from being homeless, he finds an offer online that sounds too good to be true. Spending six months in a mansion by the beach in return for a hundred thousand dollars as long as he sticks to the house rules.

This might be the one job where his unruly mouth doesn’t get in the way. After all, saying the wrong thing is impossible… when you’re role-playing a cat.

Meeting all the other guys at the cattery seems to be the icing on the cake, but the inconvenient truth he dishes out turns out to be too much. Goran makes everyone his enemy, but worst of all, Ollie, the prettiest cat of the bunch, the one who’s been in the cattery the longest, and the one who makes Goran’s heart skip a beat.

Ollie’s big blue eyes hold secrets Goran is intent on cracking, but to do so, he will need to learn to bite his tongue and listen. Too bad the pretty blond ice prince is set on getting Goran kicked out of the cattery for good.

WARNING: Adult content that might be considered taboo. Explicit content, strong language, multiple partner scenes. Reader discretion advised.

Book Review

Sweet, funny, and very kinky are all ways to describe this very entertaining book. It’s about Luis, a man into cat role-play who assembles a group of young men in his “cattery” so he always has a chance for uncomplicated enjoyment of the physical kind when he comes home from work. Role-playing can be fun, and pretending to be carefree animals has its own kind of attraction, I guess, but cats are not the “usual suspects” in this genre. Puppy play makes sense because dogs are all about obedience, and that goes well with a BDSM mindset. Even horses or ponies need “training”. Cats, however, are very sensual creatures, so I can see the attraction in the context of “sexy times”. And I trust K.A. Merikan to do something like this in a sweet, fun way. But there is more to this story than kinky play. The focus is on newcomer Goran and old-timer Ollie, the different issues they both have in real life, and what happens when they open up to each other.

Goran is a direct kind of guy who says it like it is. As good as that can be in some situations, he has no filter and that means he hurts people. He has not learned the value of occasionally being quiet, and I think it is because he is selfish and has trouble seeing - or respecting - other people’s emotions. Then he is added to a closed group of young men, none of whom have access to the outside world or anyone other than themselves and their “human master”, Luis. The pressure-cooker effect of the intense emotions, jealousies big and small, and the need to get along with the only people he can talk to on a regular basis helps him see himself and others in a new light. He needs the money he’s been promised at the end of the six months badly to make up for past mistakes, so he is ready to deal with a lot. Meeting Ollie and falling for him is a surprise, and it only complicates the situation further.   

Ollie is the prettiest “cat” there, he has been with Luis longer than anyone else, and he has a whole lot of secrets. He doesn’t look like a guy with issues, but as the truth about him slowly emerges, it becomes apparent that not everything is as good and easy as it seems. He may be good at hiding his emotions, but with Goran around the group dynamics change to the point where Ollie has to reconsider a lot of his decisions. Between his yearning for Luis, his need to forget the problems he had in real life, and his rapidly increasing interest in Goran despite not really liking him, Ollie has his hands full.

If you’d like to explore the idea of a human cattery with all its emotional and kinky implications, if you’re interested to find out what happens if a gruff, straightforward guy runs into a pretty, slightly lost man, and if you’re looking for a read that is entertaining, full of drama and revelations, and very kinky, then you will probably like this novel.





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Format ebook
Length Novel, 274 pages
Heat Level
Publication Date 08-April-2016
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