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Shy Guys Finish First (Cade Creek 13) by Stormy Glenn at Siren Publishing

Genre Gay / Contemporary / Erotic Romance
Reviewed by Serena Yates on 24-March-2017

Book Blurb

Cory James went to the city for a small vacation. He never expected to come home with a family. After trying to rescue a man being attacked, and then having to be rescued himself, Cory was pretty sure his vacation had tanked. But the man he tried to rescue turns out to be the answer to every dream Cory ever had. Now, if they could just keep danger from finding them again, they might find happiness.


Moose Fletcher hated violence until the sweetest man he had ever seen tries to save him, and Moose was forced to rescue him. But as he got to know Cory, he realized he was the one being rescued. When unexpected dangers force Moose to flee with Cory, saving his family becomes more important than avoiding violence. But will the cost be his happiness?


Book Review

‘Shy Guys Finish First’, as I suspected and hoped with such a cute title, is a very sweet romance. The two main characters have both gone through hell and can only hope for a better life, but don’t believe they will ever be lucky enough to be happy. Boy, does Fate have some wonderful surprises for them. And since the story is set in Cade Creek, the amazing little town that has become almost like a character of its own over the course of this series, I got to see some of my favorite people again as they all band together to help Cory and Moose get settled – but I am getting ahead of myself.

Cory works in the “best diner in town” and feels safe and happy for the first time in his life. He is still afraid bad things might happen to him, but he has gained enough self-confidence to be able to stand up for himself – and others. Even though Cory is on vacation in the city and is not a physically strong guy, when he sees Moose being beaten up in an alley, he decides to help. That idea scared me just watching him!

Moose is physically powerful, but he hates violence and is a shy, unassuming guy. He lost his loving mother when he was very young, has been bullied by his brothers, and forced to participate in illegal cage fights by his father. He has never fought back and would rather suffer himself than hurting his family – horrible creatures though they are. But when he sees the much smaller Cory stand up for him, Moose loses some of his restraint and rescues him right back.

It’s the beginning of a sweet love affair that goes from “I’d like to get to know you” to “I love you” in no time. There are a few obstacles – like the lack of money for Moose, the crazy family members still after him, and a major surprise Moose would have never considered possible – but between Cory, Moose, and the wonderful people of Cade Creek, I was sure there’d be a solution.

If you like seeing the underdogs win, if you want to find out how the people of Cade Creek are doing and what role they play in setting up Cory and Moose’s future, and if you’re looking for a sweet insta-love type read with just a touch of suspense and a major surprise, then you will probably like this novella. I adore it!





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Format ebook
Length Novella, 113 pages/31010 words
Heat Level
Publication Date 23-March-2017
Price $4.50 ebook
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