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Magic Never Lies by Erin M. Leaf at Evernight Publishing

Genre Gay / Contemporary / Artists/Actors/Musicians/Authors / Romance
Reviewed by Lena Grey on 04-May-2020

Book Blurb

Blake Gerritt kicked music and fame to the curb years ago and now he’s happy with his anonymous life in an ordinary town in the middle of nowhere. He raised his sister after their parents died and the simmering magic in his blood has faded. He’s cool with that—he’s too old for falling in love anyway. Magic can’t fix his past and he doesn’t need it for his future.

Aaron Wade is young, rich, and miserable, even though millions love his songs. He knows he should be happy, especially since his bigoted jerk of a father is finally dead, but he can’t sleep. He can’t deal. A small town in the middle of rural America is just the cure he needs to get back on track with his life, no outside help needed.

But what happens when love comes out of nowhere? Does a man let himself fall or does he refuse the magic that could change everything?

Book Review

“The magic of love is that it has the power to create a magical world in and around us.” ~ Debasish Mridha

We have all heard the old adage about money not being able to buy love, but in Aaron Wade’s case in ‘Magic Never Lies’ by Erin M. Leaf, it’s a fact. Aaron has everything that money can buy, but he doesn’t have peace of mind. Even though he is living in a small, sleepy town, recovering from recent trauma, he is still on edge, despondent, and has a bad case of writer's block. With his father, the monster who threw his gay son away, now dead, Aaron feels he should be able to rest easy; the truth is, he can’t rest at all. However, inspiration to write again comes to him in the strangest form he could ever have imagined: his mailman, Blake.

When Blake’s parents suddenly died, it left him with his teenage sister to raise, but all that, plus his career as a top recording artist became too much for him to handle. He and his agent, Darlene, formed a plan to hide him from the world until, or if, he is ever ready to rejoin the music business. In an attempt to put that part of his life behind him, he refuses to watch TV or read music magazines. This is why Blake doesn’t recognize Aaron Wade, huge music icon, when he delivers a package to him. However, Blake has magic in his blood, an ability passed down in his family. According to his grandmother, when the blood in his veins begins to “sing” it is an indication that he has found his one true love. Blake has always known that it could happen, but, even though he is bisexual, he never expected his soulmate to be a man. His attraction to Aaron is so strong that Blake can barely keep his composure. At first, Aaron thinks he recognizes him, but when he realizes that Blake doesn’t know who he is, he is relieved and thinks the man is just a bit crazy.

Blake is all befuddled when he gets home. All he wants to do is take a shower and go to bed. He is turned on both emotionally and physically; it is not every day you find your soulmate. Now all he has to do is to convince a complete stranger that he is fated to be with him. Easy, right?

While Blake is considering pleasuring himself, Darlene, his former agent and still best friend, calls. It seems that she has a client named Aaron Wade, a famous musician. He, like Blake, had a meltdown after breaking up with his boyfriend and losing his father and needed to get away for a while and is living in Blake’s town. Blake puts two and two together and figures out that the stranger he just delivered a package to must be Aaron. Darlene is amazed that Blake didn’t recognize him, but he reminds her of how far he stays away from that world. In any case, since Blake has been where Aaron is now, Darlene asks Blake to take him under his wing. Blake agrees, but little does she know what she is asking.

This was a fun story with just enough of a paranormal element to make it unique. Watching Blake and Aaron dance around the fact that they are fated to be together and had very little say in the matter was amusing and at times very sexy. Their times between the sheets literally gave an entirely new meaning to the phrase “scorching hot’” Thanks, Erin for the sexy story with a happily ever after ending.





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Format ebook
Length Novella
Heat Level
Publication Date 03-April-2020
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