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Lone Wolf (Bad Oak Boys 4) by Erin M. Leaf at Evernight Publishing

Genre Gay / Paranormal / Shifters / Erotic Romance
Reviewed by Christy Duke on 14-May-2016

Book Blurb

Shane River is the last of the Bad Oak boys to feel the pull of his animal trying to get out. Problem is, once he shifts, the wolf wants nothing more than to run far away… alone. He’s an Alpha Lone Wolf, and that means he doesn’t need a pack.

Tim Cooper thought his father was human. He wasn’t. He thought his werewolf mother could survive anything. She didn’t. He thought he’d never be able to shift, but he thought wrong, and the truth is more disturbing than anything he could’ve imagined.

When Shane finds Tim’s mother dying in the desert, he vows to track down the vicious wolf-coyote hybrids responsible for the attack. He doesn’t expect her son Tim: a hybrid who has no idea what he is. He doesn’t expect Tim’s animal to call to his wolf. And he certainly doesn’t expect to mate with a creature ravaged by grief, but when instinct howls, the wolf must obey.


Book Review

I was excited and sad to start this final book in the series. At least, I'm assuming it's the final book since there are only four of the Bad Oak Boys. I've been on pins and needles waiting for Shane's story. Regardless of how much I loved the other three books and all the characters, there has always been something extra sexy about Shane. And a lone wolf is just hot. Hands down.

Shane hasn't been feeling so great ever since he shifted the first time. Everything annoys him. Everyone irritates him. He just wants to be all alone, but he knows he'll need to get his head on straight at some point so he can continue to tour and play music with his family. Lone wolf, indeed! The North American Council's leader, Bardulf, has sent Shane on a mission to locate the wolf-coyote hybrid who attacked Silas and Wulfgang at the end of the previous book. Shane is hunting in the desert when he finds a female werewolf who was attacked and left for dead by a hybrid. Her son, Tim, shows up, and well, things go to weird in the space of a heartbeat.

Tim's mother was raped by a human, or so she said, and Tim may carry some wolf genes, but he's never shifted. Tim and his mother have spent his entire life running from monsters who have been hunting them. Now she's gone, he's got a mate bond with Shane, and for the first time in his life Tim shifted - into a wolf-coyote hybrid, a monster in his mind. Shane tells Tim a brief history of what happened decades ago with the Marrok pack, the aconite, and the drugging and raping of female wolves to create a hybrid. But because Tim was raised by his mother, he's not a mindless killing machine like the other hybrids. It would appear nurture won over nature. Unfortunately, Tim is a little overwhelmed by everything and takes off, the mate bond flaring brightly in both their minds.

This is probably the most exciting and emotionally draining match-up in the whole series, and that's saying a lot. But Shane and Tim are loners, they're aggressive, they both like a little pain, and they're falling in love. Except Shane knows what it's like to have family, regardless that he doesn't want the pack bond, whereas Tim has no concept of any type of bond except the mate bond he's currently dealing with. And when Tim appears to make decisions based on cold-hearted justice, Shane worries about whether his hybrid genetics are going to cause problems or change Tim in some way.

He sat on the bed, shoulders slumping. “You’re a Lone Wolf, but you’re not alone. I am. Why won’t you just open your damn eyes and instincts and see what I’m trying to tell you?”

I honestly think 'Lone Wolf' had the most exciting and the most heart-wrenching ending of all four books. It is also my favorite of them all. Hard to believe since I loved each book, but Shane and Tim's story was pure magic. Now I'm very sad because there'll be no new books for me to look forward to. I guess I'll have to satisfy myself with rereading these many, many times.





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