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Lab Rat by Nephy Hart at Wayward Ink Publishing

Genre Gay / Paranormal / Psychic Powers / New Adult / Romance / Mystery/Suspense/Thriller
Reviewed by Serena Yates on 09-May-2016

Book Blurb

At thirteen, Gabriel was subjected to experimentation designed to awaken latent psychic abilities.
He’s been locked in a downward spiral of self-destruction ever since. 
Then one night he meets Laurie, who is the antithesis of everything Gabriel’s become: cheerful, optimistic, and comfortable in his own skin. 
Laurie pursues Gabriel. But Gabriel no longer believes in love. With a dark past and a history of disastrous relationships, he’s promised himself ‘no more’. Laurie, however, won’t let go, no matter how many obstacles Gabriel places in his way.
When Gabriel starts hearing voices in his head, he realizes they belong to the scientists who experimented on him. Worse, they’re trying to track him down. 
With the past nipping at his heels, Gabriel and Laurie flee together. 
Can they outrun the enemy? Can they save Gabriel before either his life or his sanity are forfeit?
And is Gabriel as helpless as he, or Laurie, thinks he is?

Book Review

‘Lab Rat’ is not an easy read by any means. It may classify as a New Adult title and feel much like it’s been written with Young Adults in mind, but it deals with some very grown-up issues. Gabriel has led a hard life, suffers debilitating migraines, and sometimes blacks out without any apparent reason. And while the cause was quite clear in the blurb, it is much less clear in the story. This was highly frustrating for me, but I have to say it made sense for the author to have written it this way – Gabriel struggles with his past, has imperfect memory, and only slowly figures out what is going on. Some of the questions aren’t resolved until the very last chapter, so kudos to Nephy Hart for keeping up the suspense. The novel is written in present tense and first person, which makes it very real and made me feel close to Gabriel – truly in his head - and that was both fascinating and a problem. Fascinating because it revealed the feelings, fear, and confusion he feels. But the problem was that I felt just as confused as Gabriel and I am still not sure I liked that. In terms of the author’s ability to make me feel what the main character did this is wonderfully well done.
Gabriel is an art student, and he is about as self-destructive as they come He has alienated his family, his friends, and doesn’t let anyone close. He refuses to take the medication that is supposed to help – not that I can blame him for not trusting any doctor after what he has been through. He seems to suffer from paranoia – and until I was given more details of what actually happened, I was pretty convinced that all of his problems only existed in his head. Many of them do, but not all of them. Unraveling which ones were real and which were made-up was as difficult for Gabriel as it was for me.

Laurie is a true knight in shining armor. He makes no secret of the fact that he likes Gabriel, doesn’t take no for an answer, and won’t let Gabriel drive him away no matter what. Laurie has to learn what is real and what isn’t though, and that isn’t always easy. His loyalty and developing love go a long way, but – like in real life – they are not the perfect solution that will work on its own.

If you’re looking for a fast-paced plot around illegal scientific experiments, this is not your book. But if you’re curious about the effect of cruel scientific experiments on one of the affected individuals, this is a very well-imagined account of what such a “subject” might end up dealing with. If you like feeling close to a main character and sharing his confusion as he slowly unravels the mysteries of his past, reading this novel is a great way of doing that. It’s suspenseful, mysterious, had me wondering what “the real truth” was, and made me sigh in relief when I finally found out what was going on.   





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Publication Date 04-May-2016
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