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Keeping Faith (Unshakable 2) by Lexi Ander at Fireborn Publishing

Genre Gay / Contemporary / Military/Former Military / Athletes/Coaches / Menage MMM / Romance / Mystery/Suspense/Thriller
Reviewed by Serena Yates on 09-December-2015

Book Blurb

Several months after Trent Harte was drafted into the NFL, he, AJ Barnes, and Brock Everette are settling into their new home in Miami. Christmas is approaching and they are excited to share another holiday season with each other. Unbeknownst to them, William Harte, Trent's estranged father double-crossed a deadly adversary and then disappeared. To draw William out of hiding, Trent becomes a target. In a horrible twist of fate, the kidnappers grab Brock instead leaving AJ and Trent scrambling to find a way get Brock back. Detectives believe Trent is responsible, and with each passing hour the likelihood of Brock returning home alive dwindles.

Brock traded his safety to ensure his lovers were out of harm's way. He would do it again even knowing he'd end up captured and restrained in a part of town that no one in their right mind would willingly go. The kidnappers are terrifying, but Brock is a fighter, holding onto hope with both hands. He must decide to either wait to be rescued or find a way to escape. Stuck between the wills of a ruthless assassin and an insane mob thug, something needs to happen soon or he'll never see Trent and AJ again.


Book Review

Football player Trent, sports reporter Brock, and former Marine AJ are back. Their first meeting and initial living together while they went to college in Portland, Oregon, was haunted by problems (see the free first volume ‘Playing for Keeps’). Some people had issues with them being gay, some didn’t like they’re a triad, and Trent’s father was just out to make his life difficult. Now that they have moved to Miami and are living the life they always wanted, it turns out they still have haters after them. This time they are more serious “professional” gangsters and the events made for a very suspenseful read.

All three men need each other, but when Brock is kidnapped, he needs to survive on his own while Trent and AJ have each other for comfort – only to find they are frantic despite the support. As before, the deep love they share and their determination to make their somewhat unconventional situation work was clear. I enjoyed this follow-up that is set during the weeks just before Christmas and includes some wonderful gift-giving traditions the three men have developed.

Brock is in an uncertain place—nobody wants to hire him as a sports reporter unless he “sells” them exclusive details about Trent. That is not something Brock would ever do, so he is at a crossroads. Not being able to work in his ideal job, he focuses on living his dream on the family front: taking care of AJ and Trent has become his mission in life. But he has a rude awakening when what he believes to be a crazy fan of Trent’s turns out to be a professional kidnapping team. Not willing to let Trent come to harm, Brock lets them take him and lives in terror, waiting for someone to rescue him.

Trent is playing football like he always wanted, and despite the fact he is out and endures some ribbing, most of his teammates and the world at large seem to have accepted that he is gay. He looks forward to a quiet Christmas with AJ and Brock, when his father’s dark machinations once more disrupt the life he is trying to build. The outrage he feels when he discovers some of what his father has been doing is understandable, and the consequences of Brock ending up kidnapped instead of Trent, who was their target, weigh heavily on him. His need to do anything he can to get Brock back is palpable, but there isn’t much he can do.

AJ is still struggling with the aftereffects of his tour in Afghanistan, but therapy and the unwavering support from his two lovers have helped him come a long way. When he fails to protect Brock from getting kidnapped the guilt almost crushes him. Trent’s insistence that he not blame himself helps, but AJ’s ability to call in help from his former Marine buddies mitigates some of the bad feelings he has. He’ll have to pay a price for their support (which turns out a lot less bad than it could have been), but AJ is ready to do anything to solve the problem and get Brock to safety.

If you want to know how Brock, Trent and AJ are doing, if you enjoy stories about men who love each other deeply no matter what anyone else thinks, and if you're looking for an action-packed, intense read that is as suspenseful and emotionally intense as it is touching and hot, then you will probably enjoy this novel. All I can say is: I’d like some more stories about Brock, Trent, and AJ, please!





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Format ebook
Length Novel, 261 pages/55543 words
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Publication Date 28-November-2014
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