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Hot Mess 9 by Stormy Glenn at Siren Publishing

Genre Gay / Contemporary / Law Enforcement / Erotic Romance / Mystery/Suspense/Thriller
Reviewed by Christy Duke on 26-February-2019

Book Blurb

Life doesn't always ask us what we want. I knew that was true when Sal announced he wanted a divorce. I was devastated, especially considering I had no idea why, and he refused to speak to me except through his lawyer. When my world continued to go to hell, I had to wonder if someone had it out for me.

Life doesn't always ask us what we want. I knew this was true when someone sent me undeniable proof that Lany had been sleeping around on me. I was devastated, especially considering I had the proof on video. When my world continued to go to hell, I had to wonder if someone had it out for me.

Book Review

O.M.G. How could you, Stormy? Granted I knew as soon as I read the blurb for this ninth volume in one of my favorite series that there was going to be something seriously hinky going on. Lany loves Sal more than anything and for Sal, Lany is his world. Then when I realized someone in the FBI has to be involved, I just knew this was all a big pile of steaming crap and by the end of the book someone(s) head(s) were going to roll. Psst… I always love that part!

This book started off with a bang and me feeling the need for a glass of wine or hells bells, a shot of vodka! I mean Sal asks for a divorce – out of the blue – and then he leaves with his belongings after accusing Lany of sleeping around. Sal claims he has photos and videos that he’d even sent to Burke to have the FBI Forensics lab verify and they came back as real – that was my first clue that this was all a bunch of bubkes and something fishy was going on! What I couldn’t believe was that Lany was so devastated he didn’t even try to talk to his parents, his uncle, or his best friends for the first two weeks. Well maybe I can understand that, actually.

I have to say that there were more than a few times when I really wanted to smack the ever-living crap out of Salvatore Delvecchio. I understand he was devastated at the idea of Lany having been unfaithful and with so many different men but I would have thought after a while he would have begun to question some things that seemed odd. Bruised egos can be tough for anyone but for a big, strong SWAT officer it really did a number on him and his common sense!

This installment might just be the most interesting and the mystery the hardest for me to guess than any of the others in the series. I was completely blown away when I discovered who-done-it and the ending was really exciting. Once again though I have zero clue whether the author plans on writing another so I’ll just have to sit back and wait. Until then there’s always rereads.





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