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Gunpoint (Sky Hunters 1) by Erin M. Leaf at Evernight Publishing

Genre Gay / Paranormal / Shifters / Erotic Romance
Reviewed by Christy Duke on 19-September-2016

Book Blurb

Soul-bruised and bitter, Charlie left the military for peaceful solitude. When he’s mugged at gunpoint, his isolation is shattered, because the guy with the weapon is his mate, and Charlie’s falcon insists on truth: the other half of his soul is a desperate man who doesn’t know he’s a shifter.

Warren has no money for rent, his sister’s ex beat her bloody, and he’s working double shifts to survive. He thought his life couldn’t get any worse, but then he mugs an ex-soldier who somehow turns the tables and offers him something impossible: hope.

Of course, nothing is that simple, and Charlie’s resistance to their bond sabotages their relationship before it really begins. Warren can handle hardship, but now his enemies are bigger than the bully next door, and he’s broken the darkest taboo of the Sky Hunter falcons. Only Charlie can save him, but can a damaged ex-soldier save himself, too?

Book Review

Having enjoyed an amazing series by Erin M. Leaf, it's not surprising that I would want to read more. The description snagged me straight from the get-go with Charlie having just returned to civilian life and dealing with a ton of issues only to discover his fated mate is a mugger and has no clue he's a shifter. Oh, I could see the excitement and knowing how well this author crafts a story, I was eager to begin.

Warren and his twin sister, Liz, have a rough life at the moment. Their parents are dead, Liz's ex-boyfriend beat her to a pulp two months ago, Liz is suffering from so much depression and panic attacks that she's barely hanging on, Warren is struggling to make ends meet by waiting tables while taking night classes, and now he tried to mug a really hot guy using a water pistol. The mugging didn't go so well but the hookup (what Warren believes is a hookup) went great leaving him feeling worse about his situation.

Charlie and his family are falcons, Sky Hunters, and they've lived in their small town for generations. Except for a few bad hawks (which Liz's ex happens to be), they're the only shifters around. In fact, shifters across the country are slowly dying out, although they are numerous in other areas of the world. In this world the author has created, it's frowned upon to mate and have children with humans, but it does happen. Apparently, shifting isn't an automatic thing, but something you have to work at in order to tame your beast. Charlie and his sister think that since Warren and Liz's parents were killed when they were eighteen, perhaps their folks never told them and never instructed them in shifting.

“We’re not animals.” Charlie ran a hand over his face. “And it’s very real.”..... Charlie’s voice was low and hard. “We’re mated. I’m sorry I didn’t give you much choice, but I wasn’t entirely in control of the situation either. It’s not like there’s a seminar shifters can take to explain how mating works. There are very few of us left here in America.”

Charlie didn't mean to bond with Warren. In fact, it was the last thing he ever wanted to do. Charlie spent years as a Marine and since there are so few shifters left, no one knew the damage it would do to his Hunter during war and the things Charlie had to do. In fact many of the things regarding shifters, i.e., mating, bonds, psychic abilities, have been lost because no one remembers anymore. Now Charlie has a lot of darkness inside him and apparently enemies looking for him. Warren is simply confused and angry, and he'll be darned if he goes running to Charlie. As far as Warren is concerned Charlie needs to figure his crap out and then do some apologizing.

“I committed the most heinous crime one of our kind can, and you say I’m not evil? You’re dreaming, Jessa.” He didn’t come right out and say what he did, but he knew she understood. Only one thing can change a shifter’s energy so dramatically."

If I thought this was going to be an easy paranormal erotic romance… well, I was wrong. This was fascinating, intriguing, and absolutely phenomenal. The author’s world is one that has taken traditional shifter lore, turned it upside down and inside out, and then put it back together for my enjoyment. I'm totally dying for the next book so I can explore more about why the falcons in the US have been so decimated since the last shifter war hundreds of years ago, and I want to discover their old stories about the War Chiefs, etc. A marvelous read!





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Format ebook
Length Novella, 39000 words
Heat Level
Publication Date 24-August-2016
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