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Brady's Choice by Anne Brooke

Genre Gay / Contemporary / Romance
Reviewed by Lena Grey on 16-October-2016

Book Blurb

Thirty-six year old potter Brady Treherne is shocked to come face-to-face with his ex-lover, Philip, during what appears to be a simple job interview. Philip was both the love of his life and the man who got away and seeing him now catapults Brady into revisiting memories he’d hoped he’d left behind.

Later that evening, Philip calls on him at home, and Brady finds himself having to make a choice between the man he used to love, and the new relationship he has just begun with another man. Which will he choose and can Brady reconcile his past with his future at all?



NOTE: This book has previously been pubished by Amber Allure in 2011.



Book Review

If you had to choose between rekindling a past relationship and staying with your latest lover, what would you do? How would you go about making such a monumental decision? This is the predicament that Brady in 'Brady's Choice' by Anne Brooke finds himself in. Anne Brooke's ability to pack such a great deal of information in so few words is amazing. Even with the relatively small number of details presented, it was clear that the relationship problems between Brady and Phillip did not involve a lack of love, but of maturity. They were both trying to find something in the other person that should have been within themselves.

My mind anguished right along with Brady's as he struggled to take all the factors of this difficult decision into account; separate reality from fantasy; what he wants from what he needs; who he is now as opposed to who he was five years ago and instead of a clear solution, the answers seemed to only cause more questions. The decision, as difficult as it was, had to be based on what's presently best for Brady, not on what could have been in the past or might possibly be in the future. I was so involved in the process that I couldn't get a clear sense of what Brady was ultimately going to do. However, I was hoping he'd choose wisely and be happy with his decision. I felt sorry for Phillip as well; he was obviously in conflict too, but had his present life and his man to consider regardless of how he felt about Brady. He and Brady had such a strong connection that part of me wished it could work out for them, but realistically, I know that just because you love someone doesn't mean it's best for you to live with them.

'Brady's Choice' is a short but intense story examining the issue of “the one that got away” and portrays it in an effective, concise manner. My only issue is that after becoming so emotionally invested in the characters, I'd love to know if Brady's choice turned out to be the right one.





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Format ebook
Length Short Story, 24 pages
Heat Level
Publication Date 02-June-2016
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