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At Piper's Point by Ethan Day at Wilde City Press

Genre Gay / Contemporary / Romance / Humor/Comedy
Reviewed by Christy Duke on 29-September-2013

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Cassidy Winters has come home again, though his plans for a quiet seaside ceremony to say a final farewell to his grandmother Sadie Hart unravel as his past comes back in the form of ex-lovers old and new. Accusations are aimed as arguments and libidos boil over, and while he’s definitely willing, Cassidy’s not sure if he’s ready or able for love and life…At Pipers Point.

NOTE: This is a previously published work.

Book Review

I am a huge fan of Ethan Day's and it was a joy to re-read 'At Piper's Point' so I could finally write a review. This author has kept me laughing through many a story and I'm only sad that nothing new has been released for a while. I really need my Ethan fix! This particular story, while making me laugh so hard I thought I'd choke, also had a sweetness to it with Cassidy's memories of his grandma, Sadie, and of his first true love with Nate. The sangria party scene with Cassidy dealing with the attentions of not one, not two, but FOUR men, along with Cassidy and Nate getting caught by Nate's mom, had me hysterical with laughter and calling my best friend to read it to him over the phone. At which point he had to go buy the book for himself! I'm not called the "Mother of all Pimp Hoze" for nothing.

Cassidy has returned to Sadie's home, on Hart's Island, the estate left to him in her will, but which Cassidy has been tied up in court for years while his father contested it. Seems his father wasn't too happy that his own mother didn't leave her estate to him. Since Cassidy and his father haven't ever gotten along, it's been a drawn-out few years of hell for Cassidy. But now he's back, and he can remember Sadie and all the love and joy she gave him every summer he spent with her. Of course, he can also remember his first love, Nate, and wonders whatever happened to him. Nate grew up at Sadie's as his mom was her best friend and housekeeper. Cassidy was devastated when the judge ordered the house be evacuated until ownership could be determined.

Cassidy has been back a day when he's lying naked on the private beach with Sadie's urn taking a little nap, when he meets Neil, a tourist who got lost. An afternoon of fun ensues and Cassidy is glad that Neil will only be on the island for a week because Cassidy doesn't do emotional entanglements. When he rescues a small, rat looking dog from being mauled, Cassidy meets Ben, the local veterinarian. And then, to top it all off, Nate shows up, and Cassidy invites Nate to move back in at the Point since it's mostly Nate's house, too. And, oh my God, Cassidy had no clue what came over him to offer to live in the same house as Nate! Yikes. Even worse, Cassidy hasn't told Nate or his mom that he isn't planning on moving back permanently, he'll only be coming down for summers and holidays. Uh-oh. What's making everything harder is that Cassidy is getting a resurgence of the feelings he always had for Nate, and Nate seems to be feeling something too.

When Cassidy's ex, Teddy, shows up stating he isn't going to allow Cassidy to throw him away, and then Neil walks in and announces the sex they had was transcendent, all the while Nate is rolling his eyes and Cassidy's best friends, Ollie and Spencer, are laughing…well, let me just say it's one of the many very funny scenes in this story and it's totally Ethan Day. I love everything about this story, no matter how many times I read it. The sweetness, the love, the laughter, the family, it all blends and weaves in a story that will live on forever. Thank you, Ethan.





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