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A Very Civil Wedding by V.T. Davy at Liberation Publishing

Genre Lesbian / Futuristic / Romance
Reviewed by jj on 01-November-2013

Book Blurb

‘One day the Princess will be queen and, when that happens, she will be the Supreme Governor of our organisation. At which point, we will be in the position of having as our leader someone who is, in the eyes of the church, unmarried and living in sin. Unless we ask the Lord to bless her marriage now, how can we continue the same relationship with the crown? And what then for the spiritual life of the nation? We are the Church of England; we advise, and guide, and influence our lawmakers, and we’ve done so since Henry the Eighth’s day.’

When Princess Alexandra, the eldest daughter of the Prince of Wales, wishes to marry her long-time partner, Lieutenant-Commander Grace Stephens, their wedding has the potential to cause a constitutional crisis. When the couple go further and request a blessing by the Archbishop of Canterbury, the British establishment must find a way to accommodate the wishes of the woman who will one day be the Supreme Governor of the Church of England.

In this thoughtful and thought-provoking novel, V.T. Davy examines the relationship between the monarchy and the church; the arguments for and against same-sex marriage; how some of Britain’s oldest and most revered organisations have acted to give equality to homosexual men and women, and become stronger for it; and, what happens to institutions when they refuse to embrace the demands of an enlightened society. The novel’s surprising conclusion is that those most damaged by institutionalised prejudice are often the people you would least expect.

It is a book that will test the opinion of every reader wherever they stand on these issues.


Book Review

This is a remarkable and thoroughly enjoyable account of a fictitious happening that felt so real. It is presented in the form of a written documentary taking diaries, television news and interviews, official meeting records from all manner of clergy, government, and British Royal Family affairs placing the reader smack dab in front of every event impacting the principle characters, the British people, and folks from all over the world. I was mesmerized!

The occasion I am referencing is the marriage of Princess Alexandra of Wales to Lt. Cmdr. Grace Stevens, a same-sex nuptial. Princess Alexandra is the heir to the British Throne. The princess is a member of the Church of England and the Lt. Cmdr. is a member of the Church of Scotland. They wish to have their respectively linked churches bless their union. Oh my dears, what a hullabaloo this sets in motion. My jaw kept dropping to my bosom over and over and over again as I relished being a front row observer to how incredibly complicated a seemingly simple and loving request seems to tear asunder institutions, the Commonwealth, and the globe. The intricacies, the complexities, and the nuances that are masterfully presented in this incredibly unique format were breathtaking and stunning. 

I felt as if I were glued to my television watching one of those brilliantly produced PBS dramas from Great Britain that take multiple seasons to unravel. Yet, I was reading this instead. Nevertheless, the drama and sense of episodic encapsulations were extraordinary and delightful. I totally recommend this!





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Format ebook and print
Length Novel, 268 pages
Heat Level
Publication Date 22-October-2013
Price $2.99 ebook, $12.99 paperback
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