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Caught in the Undertow by Helena Maeve at Pride Publishing

Genre Gay / Contemporary / Students/Professors / BDSM / Dubious Consent / Erotic Romance
Length Novel, 241 pages/78160 words
Heat Level
Publication Date 29-March-2016

Book Blurb

Poison blooms in ivy halls.


New to the hallowed halls of the prestigious, all-male Ledwich University, Ward fully intends to skate by on wealth and minimal effort all the way to graduation. He has no desire to make friends or revive his interest in rowing, but when luck hands him the deciding vote over another student’s admission to the club, Ward chooses discretion over decency and finds himself juggling both.


Angry, bellicose Dylan is nothing like Ward’s wealthy peers. One of a handful of scholarship students, Dylan appears to have little sense of self-preservation and a grudge against the crew captain to match. But despite ruining his chances, Ward can’t get him out of his head.


As Ledwich slowly reveals its darker side and myriad cruelties begin to play out around and because of Ward, his fascination with Dylan becomes too much to conceal. Ward and Dylan may well be the products of two different worlds, but their chemistry burns too hot to ignore. If having him means hiding, then so be it. Ward may not be certain of much anymore, but what he wants, he gets.


Reader Advisory: This book contains dubious consent and coersion and scenes of attempted sexual assault, mental and physical abuse. This book also contains D/S dynamics and poor BDSM etiquette.


Publisher's Note: This book is best read in conjunction with Surface Tension serial published with Totally Bound Publishing.

Additional Information

Format ebook and print
Publisher Pride Publishing
Length Novel, 241 pages/78160 words
Heat Level
Publication Date 29-March-2016
Price $6.75 ebook, $11.99 paperback
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