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What to Buy for the Vamp Who Has Everything (Adam & Peter 1.5) by A.M. Riley at Loose Id

Genre Gay / Paranormal / Officers of the Law / Vampires / Romance / Holiday
Length Short Story, 5 pages
Publication Date 16-December-2008

Book Blurb

As Christmas approaches, LAPD detective Peter Ortiz suspects that his former fuckbuddy and currently undead boyfriend, Adam Bertoni, is dwelling on his evil mortal life again, and going into one of his despondent slumps.


Neither Peter nor Adam have a clue why Adam's here, how the undead thing works, or what he's supposed to do now. What Adam does know is he's not going to be the scumbag after death that he was in life. 


Peter dreads Adam's slumps. Partly because they often coincide with frustrating celibacy, but also there's the niggling fear that Adam's going to take his own unlife in a fit of remorse. Peter's seen Adam die once and he's not going through that again if he can help it. So, he decides to give Adam a little Christmas cheer.


But what do you give the vampire who has everything?


Additional Information

Format ebook
Publisher Loose Id
Length Short Story, 5 pages
Heat Level
Publication Date 16-December-2008
Price FREE
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