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The Lodestar of Ys (The Stories of Ys 1) by Amy Rae Durreson

Genre Gay / Fantasy / Royalty/Nobility / Warriors/Soldiers / Romance
Length Novella, 191 pages/46051 words
Publication Date 18-August-2015

Book Blurb

Sjurd is convinced that Celyn of Ys is the most irritating man alive. It’s a good thing that Celyn is engaged to Sjurd’s brother, not him, because Sjurd loathes the brat, and it’s quite mutual. When an elopement and the threat of invasion force the two princes together, however, they have no choice but to marry and fake true love to keep their countries safe. Can warrior Sjurd and diplomat Celyn find any common ground?

First Edition published by MM Romance Group @ Goodreads "Love Has No Boundaries' event, August 2013.

Additional Information

Format ebook
Publisher Self-Published
Length Novella, 191 pages/46051 words
Heat Level
Publication Date 18-August-2015
Price FREE
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