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Jazzy Little Christmas by Nica Berry at Loose Id

Genre Gay / Contemporary / Artists/Actors/Musicians / Romance / Holiday
Length Short Story
Publication Date 18-December-2007

Book Blurb

No day is a good day to get a "Dear John" e-mail, but Christmas Eve has got to be the worst. Jazz pianist Gerry had had everything planned out and waiting at home, the wine, the candles, and the ring to propose to his boyfriend Javier. But Javier ran off--with a trumpet player, of all people!--for a jazz tour of Europe.


That was three years ago, and Gerry hasn't touched his piano or another man since. Javier was his muse as well as the love of his life. Another Christmas alone in San Diego is too much to bear. He goes out for a short walk off a long pier--


--and wakes up to find himself inside a stranger's house, almost naked, and listening to Christmas carols played on a tenor saxophone.


The sax player, Paz, has adored Gerry and his music for years, ever since he was a green college musician and Gerry the guest artist. Gerry was the first gay jazz player Paz had met, and a huge inspiration, but Paz never got a chance to tell him so. Now fate has given Paz a second chance, but Gerry isn't listening because his belief in himself and his music has been so badly shaken.


Paz will do anything to become Gerry's new inspiration, but it’s going to take more than hot sex and great music to mend Gerry’s broken heart.


Additional Information

Format ebook
Publisher Loose Id
Length Short Story
Heat Level
Publication Date 18-December-2007
Price FREE
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