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Wulfgang (Bad Oak Boys 3) by Erin M. Leaf at Evernight Publishing

Genre Gay / Paranormal / Military/Former Military / Artists/Actors/Musicians/Authors / Shifters / MPreg / Erotic Romance
Reviewed by Christy Duke on 19-February-2016

Book Blurb

After years in the military, Wulfgang Marrok has had enough. He wants nothing more than to settle down into quiet normalcy and live out his life. Unfortunately, the moment he meets his music history professor, normal and quiet disintegrate beneath a sudden metaphysical connection he didn’t think was possible. His mother is a werewolf, but he didn’t inherit her abilities … until now. 

Silas River desperately needs a break from life as Bad Oak’s drummer, so he dons a disguise and heads to a sleepy little town to teach music. Of course, life always fouls up the beat: the moment his fated mate walks into his classroom, his dormant wolf side wakes up and demands attention. 

For shifters, instinct trumps solitude. Werewolf politics and violent enemies trump peace. Can Silas and Wulfgang’s new bond survive murder and a loss so deep that Silas almost destroys himself trying to soothe the pain?

Book Review

“You’re human for now, but that will change soon enough,” Bardulf had said just before he’d left New York. And dammit, Silas knew the Alpha was right. He could feel a change in his bones like an itch he couldn’t quite reach yet."

I had a feeling Silas's story was going to be more - more oomph, more revelations, more emotions - and the author didn't disappoint. I mean, Forst pack already has two alphas, an alpha-shaman, and a beta, so unless Silas was going to be a lesser pack member, which I couldn't imagine, there'd have to be a change. Turns out the small town in Maine where Silas goes to get away from all things wolfy and famous has a local pack with no alpha.

Silas's dormant genes kick in after he meets his mate, and yep, he's an alpha. Luckily he's able to keep from immediately bonding with the local pack, because there's definitely something wrong there. Wulfgang is human, but his mother is a werewolf. His father was the son of the previous alpha of Marrok pack, but his dad was an addict and messed up his ability to shift, not to mention he went clinically insane, and was banished. Wulfgang has no idea he has dormant genes, even though Silas tries to explain and warn him, but when they mate and shift together, Wulfgang is pretty freaked about the mate bond and being an alpha.

"But he wasn’t ready for this. He took a step back, then another. He could feel Silas in his head, like a bright strand, woven through fucking everything. “What the hell have we done?” His voice shook. What had he been thinking?"

If I thought the couples in the previous two books had troubles, it was nothing compared to Wulfgang and Silas. The Marrok pack is a mess, and Wulfgang's dad is out to get everyone hooked on aconite, which is a synthetic form of wolfsbane that causes wolves to lose their ability to shift, become more manageable, and clinically insane. Unfortunately, while these two alphas are dealing with all of these issues, something else is happening that neither of them recognize. The consequences cause an emotional devastation that I can't begin to understand. It broke my heart.

So, so, so good! This was a more emotional but just as fantastic book in the series. The revelation at the end has left me salivating for Shane’s story. All in all, I couldn't be happier to have discovered this wonderful series, and these amazing characters.





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Format ebook
Length Novel, 54250 words
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Publication Date 09-February-2016
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