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Wrapped in Ribbons by Sean Michael at Torquere Press

Genre Gay / Contemporary / BDSM / Erotic Romance / Holiday
Reviewed by Serena Yates on 17-May-2013

Book Blurb

Dillon and Dal spend every Christmas at a house on the beach, but they never spend very much time in the sand. This year, Dillon has dark red silk ribbon to wrap Dal up in and he can't think of a better Christmas gift for either of them.

Originally published in Toy Box: Ribbons


Book Review

This story is definitely very festive – but in an entirely kinky way. Dillon and Dal (from 'Secrets, Skin and Leather') are back in an entirely standalone story. It is slightly Christmas-themed, but that's only part of the story that gives Dillon an excuse to try something new. This time, though a corset briefly makes its appearance, he is all about the ribbon he is going to use to wrap up a very willing Dal.

Dal has just returned from a business trip, barely in time for Christmas, and is more than ready to submit to his lover to play. Dillon doesn’t wait long to get him naked and ready for what he has planned. A beautiful plug and many yards of red ribbon later Dal is more than ready to be ravaged, and enjoys every minute of it.

Dillon has planned the 'welcome home' scene in detail and finds great fun and satisfaction in making Dal wriggle a little. Actually, he makes him crazy enough for Dal to wriggle a lot. It's all in good fun though, they clearly love each other and what they're doing together, and they both end up getting exactly what they want.

If you like stories about unusual sensations given and accepted as part of some very hot D/s play, if you enjoy reading about two lovers so hot for each other they're ready the second they get together, and if you are looking for a hot read with some slightly unusual toys, then you will probably like this short story.





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Additional Information

Format ebook
Length Short Story, 13 pages/3100 words
Heat Level
Publication Date 08-May-2013
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