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Work of Art by Rob Knight at Torquere Press

Genre Contemporary / Gay Erotic Romance
Reviewed by Serena Yates on 27-February-2013

Book Blurb

Wade's one of those rare birds -- a successful living artist. His work is in high demand, as is his time, as Nikki, the gallery owner keeps reminding him. Wade isn't into meeting people, though. In fact there are a lot of things he's not into, like touching and talking, and cheese. On the other hand, Wade is into corn flakes, his glass tomato, and Sawyer. He's really into Sawyer.

Sawyer's been with Wade long enough that he not only knows Wade-speak, but how to use Wade's OCD and rules to his advantage. Which is a good thing, as Sawyer's getting ready to ask Wade to move in with him. The question is, will Wade agree, or freak out?

Book Review

This may be a very short story, just a glimpse into Wade and Sawyer's lives, but it sure had an impact on me. The main reason is Wade's voice as he tells his part of the story. Sawyer, too, is very special. He is a musician and clearly loves Wade deeply; he also understands him from one (slightly less crazy) artist to another. Short as the story was, that really came out very well.

Wade is a painter/sculptor whose work is famous and sells well. In the typical manner of an eccentric artist, his thoughts are focused on his work, everything else is a distraction. I really liked seeing things from his perspective, reading about the sudden jumps in his thoughts from one thing to the other until he finds something of interest. He has some really weird habits, like an endearing weakness for corn flakes, and he doesn't do well around people. Sawyer, though, is different, and I was glad to see Wade had at least one human being whom he let close enough for touching and loving.

Sawyer is a great guy. He respects Wade, adores him, and has learned how to deal with his (many) idiosyncrasies. His big thing is to get Wade to move in with him, but he knows that is a tall order. He'll have to prove that he really loves him first, which he sets out to do with a vengeance.

If you like short stories, little impressions of interesting people, and if you enjoy reading about the love between two unusual men, then you will probably enjoy this short story. It certainly made me smile!  




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Format ebook
Length Short Story, 25 pages/4300words
Heat Level
Publication Date 10-August-2010
Price $1.99 ebook
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