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Wolfsbane (Dark Hollow Wolf Pack 5) by Shannon West at Secret Cravings Publishing

Genre Gay / Paranormal / Shifters / Erotic Romance
Reviewed by Serena Yates on 16-March-2013

Book Blurb

Evan Grant, a security guard in the Hunters’ prison, is anxious to prove himself with the group. A new prisoner arrives, and Evan feels an immediate attraction. The shifter is Brett, the most handsome man Evan’s ever seen, and the tortures the Hunters have put him through touch Evan’s heart. Bringing him pain medicine and food, he makes a strong connection with the handsome shifter. His attraction is overwhelming, and it becomes even more difficult when the Hunters’ scientists ask him to volunteer to mate with the shifter so they can study the bloodmatch. He agrees to the experiment only after the scientists promise nothing can go wrong, but after Evan mates with Brett, he overpowers the guards and escapes, taking Evan with him. It doesn’t take long to discover Evan’s the newest “pet” of the Mountain Wolf Pack, and Brett is his new master.


Book Review

While the change from human to werekin that kicks off this fifth volume in the series isn't involuntary, the consequences that come with it definitely are. Evan, chosen by the Hunters to become an experiment so they can monitor and understand the chemicals set free by a mating bite, may think he knows what he is getting into with Brett, but he really has no idea. And Brett, as much as he has watched the other wolves and their human mates, still thinks that his human will be different. Be more docile and more obedient. Ha!

Evan is a security guard with the Hunters, but wants to train to fight with them. Mating with one of the captured werewolves is one way of getting there, so he agrees despite his misgivings. After all, the shifter who has been chosen for him, is very hot, and Evan is curious. He also hates how he's being tortured, and decides to help alleviate his pain as a away of getting to know him. When he finally agrees to the mating and is taken away to the werewolves' pack lands, he is stunned. His new existence is not what he expected, and he struggles with Brett's expectation that he 'obey'. So much so that he decides to put his foot down.

Brett is not the most traditional of wolves, but he definitely didn’t want a human as a mate. Not that he has a choice, and when he sneaks into the Hunter compound to get close to Evan, all he cares about is to get Evan out of there and home, where he can protect him. He does have certain expectations, and when Evan just can't seem to be obedient, Brett loses it. Many times. What he never expected is that Evan would truly reject him, and the pain is worse than he ever thought possible.

This is more than the story of Evan and Brett's fight to understand each other and come to an agreement. Some of the other couples (from previous books) also have the occasional issue, and wolf society as a whole is trying to adapt to the new situation. If you like stories where two men struggle to find a balance of power both can live with, if you enjoy reading stories about human/werewolf matings, and if you want to know how the Dark Hollow Wolf Pack is faring, you will probably enjoy this book.




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