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Wolf's Bane (True Blood Mate 5) by Stormy Glenn at Siren Publishing

Genre Gay / Paranormal / Shifters / Vampires / Erotic Romance
Reviewed by Serena Yates on 20-April-2013

Book Blurb

Recently released from prison for a crime he fully admits committing, Douglas Stone is without a clan and without any prospects. And then he meets a man that makes him see he can be more than he ever thought he could.

Jilly is a vampire with issues. Banished from his coven because he faints at the sight of blood, Jilly takes to the streets, selling his body for what he needs. When he meets a sexy ex-con looking for a good time, he finds there is more to life than merely surviving.

When Jilly is taken prisoner, Douglas has to do the one thing he doesn’t want in order to keep the man alive—challenge for the alpha position of a clan. When he wins, he discovers the same hell he’s been running from is closer to home than he thinks.

Someone is selling children, and they are selling them right out of Douglas’s own basement. If he doesn’t do something, he will be the first one accused. Fighting to save Jilly is one thing. Fighting to save the entire world is totally different. But does he have any other choice?

Book Review

I liked this book just as much as the first four volumes, maybe even a little more. Both main characters had a lot to overcome to gain self-confidence then faced a few external obstacles that would have lesser men give up. There is just something about wounded men pulling themselves together, or a villain making up for his misdeeds, that can make a story extra-special. And here you have both! Not to mention the fact that one of them is a vampire who is allergic to seeing blood. I know I shouldn't laugh, because it's a serious condition for the poor guy. But – really? It's a hilarious idea and makes for a few extra-interesting scenes.

Jilly, and, yes, the name does make sense once you read the explanation, is the vampire in question. He's been kicked out of his coven for his "inadequacy" and had no choice but to become a hooker to feed and house himself. He's got some serious self-esteem problems, and I don’t blame him! As soon as he figures out that Douglas is different, that he can trust him, and that he means something to the wolf-shifter, Jilly starts to change and the guy who emerges is a wonderful man. He's not exactly a fighter, but he knows how to defend himself and he's as stubborn as Douglas. When he wants something, he makes sure he gets it.

Douglas is somewhat of a tough sell, especially to those who remember him as one of the villains in the earlier books. Mainly, it was his father (Alpha Stone) who was really evil, but Douglas had his moments. Well, he has now spent time in prison and has seen the error of his ways. He wants  to change his life, but, as an ex-con, that is proving to be far more difficult than he thought. Running into Jilly is a stroke of luck, since the two men are ideally suited to helping each other. It may take Douglas a while to accept that Jilly really likes him, and vice versa, but they stand a far better chance at weathering the storm with the two of than looking out for each other than on their own.

The relationship starts on a purely physical level (Douglas does pay Jilly for his services for a while, as they get to know each other). But once they recognize how much they mean to each other, passion flares and they begin to work together. If you like stories about shifters and vampires who need to figure out a way to coexist, if you enjoy reading about two equally stubborn men butting heads because they love each other too much not to care, and if you want to know how the "true blood mates" from the earlier volumes are doing, you will probably like this book.





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Format ebook
Length Novella, 162 pages/46869 words
Heat Level
Publication Date 09-April-2013
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