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Wolf Strap (Urban Wolf 1) by Naomi Clark at Evernight Publishing

Genre Lesbian / Paranormal / Shifters / Romance
Reviewed by jj on 25-June-2013

Book Blurb

When loner werewolf Ayla Hammond returns to her home town for her nephew's funeral, she thinks the worst she'll have to deal with is her prejudiced parents meeting her human girlfriend. But when the grisly truth about her nephew's death emerges, Ayla finds herself facing a monster that shouldn't exist. A monster even a werewolf might be powerless against.


Book Review

There is a city where wolf shifters and humans live and work side by side. It isn’t always that way in other areas, but here the wisdom of such an alliance works well for both. However, this city is the scene of a vicious murder of a Wolf Pack sixteen-year-old. Adam was the nephew of an outcast Wolf Pack member named Ayla, drawn home to be there at the funeral. Ayla left her hometown when she came out to her parents having taken a human female mate. She still may face repercussions, but a much larger issue and danger face everyone. I was very engaged and absorbed by the tension and mystery. The gentle and loving moments for Ayla and Shannon were small jewel-like interludes within this tense and terrifying tale.

There are some harsh and ugly events and people included within the story, so be prepared.  They kept me riveted to the unique situation in this town and the dark underside that faces Pack folks and humans almost everywhere else. Now, it has come to this balanced community. The unraveling of the mystery of Adam’s murder is the primary focus throughout the book.  We get to intermingle with some interesting gay wolf shifters who are less in the closet since Ayla took her stand. I loved following that parallel and having Ayla get to be in her wolf form, too. 

She and Shannon are an amazing couple and their story plus their interrelating with Ayla’s family, the police investigators, and the ‘bad folk’ spiced things up wonderfully. Ayla and Shannon’s relationship is not primary, but not neglected and I felt it added a spicy and stabilizing quality. There was also a startling and grisly revelation for me about what a “Wolf Strap” really is, how dangerous and devastating the consequences. 

I hope you can stay the course; sit on the edge of your seat like I did and reach the ending and resolution of this mystery. I found it gripping but worth it. 





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Format ebook
Length Short Story, 9570 words
Heat Level
Publication Date 27-May-2013
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