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Where He Belongs by DC Juris at Torquere Press

Genre Gay / Contemporary / Menage MMM / BDSM / Erotic Romance
Reviewed by Serena Yates on 07-November-2012

Book Blurb

Vance and Raine had the perfect little life, until their shared sassy sub, Andrew, threw a hissy fit and left them. But the big, wide world turned out to be far too lonely, and Andrew is back, wanting to come home. Vance is willing -- he knows he'll always do anything he must to keep Andrew -- but Raine isn't. Raine's heart still hasn't mended, and he's going to need some convincing before he lets Andrew back in. Fortunately for Andrew, Vance has a plan.

Sequel to Raine Fall.

Book Review

True submission isn’t easy, and can be very scary, especially for a man. Men are taught that independence and being strong is what defines them, what makes them a man. The statement that only the very strong can truly submit is proven true in this story, and the possible consequences of ignoring their needs for both sides of the equation, the Masters and the sub, are not easy to deal with.

The inner turmoil when Andrew cannot seem to follow society's dictates, because his feelings and needs are very different is overwhelming. His fear of losing himself is considerable, so he runs. He says it is about a better job, and about Vance and Raine ignoring him, but deep down he knows better. When he faces a life without his Masters, the men he loves, he finally understands that he can no longer go it alone and will do anything for them to take him back. His "punishment" is mostly mental, but the physical side of it has to be dealt with for true healing to take place. Andrew would not have it any other way.

One of the Masters, Vance, is willing to take him back immediately. He is more forgiving, more understanding, but possibly also able to put himself in Andrew's shoes. He may have seen Andrews need to leave coming, so his way of dealing with Andrew's return is more easy-going. His influence as a "moderator" is very necessary because Raine has a very hard time dealing with the situation, and his response is to lash out. He is clearly very hurt, and that makes the situation difficult for all of them.

The dynamic between the three men is interesting, and I'm glad there is now a prequel (Raine Fall) which explains how this all started. Hopefully, there will be a sequel as well! If you like stories about Triads where each man has a specific role to play that makes the triangle work, if you enjoy reading about two Masters sharing a sub and all the dynamics that go with it, and if you're looking for a hot BDSM read, you will probably enjoy this book.





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Format ebook
Length Short Story, 19 pages/4800 words
Heat Level
Publication Date 18-January-2011
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