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When Adam Fell (Foothills Pride 4) by Pat Henshaw at Dreamspinner Press

Genre Gay / Contemporary / Romance
Reviewed by Christy Duke on 24-February-2016

Book Blurb

When his lover Jason’s drug addiction spiraled out of control, TV celebrity chef and cookbook author Adam de Leon walked away from him. Adam also abandoned his renowned restaurant in San Francisco to start a small bistro in the Sierra Foothills.

Five years later Adam is battling the conservative leaders of Stone Acres, California, to open a new restaurant in historic Old Town when Jason turns up on his doorstep—a recovered Jason, now going by the name David and claiming he's overcome his addictions. What’s more, he begs Adam to take him back and says he’s ready for their happily ever after.

Adam has enough on his plate with problems plaguing the opening of his restaurant. And now he’s having a hard time deciding which to follow—his head or his heart.

Book Review

"He wasn’t as emaciated as the living skeleton he’d been. His light blue eyes weren’t bloodshot and roaming, unable to make contact. Fuck, this was what I always imagined Jason would look like after we got married and lived together for years. He was my Beautiful Man, my Pretty Boy grown up. This was the Jason of my dreams, not the nightmare I’d left behind."

I couldn't even begin to imagine the shock Adam felt at seeing Jason, five years later, outside his bistro in the foothills. Adam had pretty much convinced himself that Jason must have been dead by now, considering the spiral of drugs he'd been on the last time Adam saw him. Interestingly enough, much like Adam did a phoenix by leaving the Bay Area and coming to the foothills, it appears as if Jason did one, too, in a state rehab facility with hard work, and using his first name of David. Can two men who are different from who they used to be fall in love all over again?

It wouldn't be a novella in the 'Foothills Pride' series, however, if the town council wasn't up to its shenanigans. They don't want Adam to open a restaurant in Old Town. Apparently they don't want gays in their historic area. *snort* Of course, the bane of all of their existence growing up in the neighborhood, Tommy Thompson, is right at the head of the pitchfork-wielding crowd. A little drama to go along with Adam and David's angst made for an entertaining read. It was fun to see Adam learn that it wasn't just Jason's addiction that made their relationship end and their worlds collapse. Adam had to take a hard look at himself, also, to see where he made mistakes, and areas he needed to work on.

Another excellent, fun, sexy romance with appearances by many of my favorite characters. I would've loved this story to be longer, as I think forgiveness, on both Adam and David's side, might have taken longer in a real-life setting, but overall the author did a very good job. This was a sweet and loving look at second chances. Thank you, Pat.





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Format ebook
Length Novella, 92 pages/29507 words
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Publication Date 24-February-2016
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