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Werewolf at the Zoo (Wolves of Stone Ridge 1) by Charlie Richards at eXtasy Books

Genre Gay / Paranormal / Shifters / Erotic Romance
Reviewed by Serena Yates on 16-July-2011

Book Blurb

Helping his brother escape the zoo, Rainy discovers more than just an array of animals.

Rainy scouts the zoo, planning a mission to rescue his brother, who’d been sold by poachers while in wolf form. He gets a whiff of the most intoxicating scent, the man Travis Carlyle, his mate. But he quickly finds out that before he can claim the handsome veterinarian, Rainy has to convince Travis that he’s worth coming out of the closet for.

Travis leads a quiet, discreet life, avoiding any situation that could possibly out him to his family. After so many years alone, Travis finds the love, affection, and acceptance Rainy offers him too hard to resist. But just when he decides Rainy might be worth the persecution of revealing his sexuality, he discovers Rainy has been keeping secrets, a lot of secrets: Werewolves, Shifters, Mates? When he watches a shift with his own eyes, Travis is forced to accept the truth.

Too bad not everyone wants Travis to know the wolves’ secrets, tossing him into a feud between shifters. When Travis’s father tries to come between them, can Rainy convince Travis to choose a dangerous, love-filled life with him instead of the comfortable, quiet existence he’s led with his family?


Book Review

The idea of meeting your mate at the zoo, while in werewolf form, is funny. Well, for someone it isn't happening to, at least. The story that follows is entertaining and a fun read. Travis, the vet, pairs up with Rainy, the werewolf. His sister, Liz, is Rainy's brother's mate. Each pair has their unique obstacles to overcome, but the focus is on Travis and Rainy.

There isn't too much 'woolfy' stuff going on, but the pack structure clearly influences how these werewolves live as humans, sometimes dangerously so. I mean, if I were a werewolf trying to hide my existence, I'd make damn sure I didn't speak of my family as 'pack'. Or address my boss as 'alpha'. I mean, really! Way to give things away.

If you like uncomplicated stories with characters who deal with the things life throws at them without too much of a fuss, you will probably like this novella.





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Format ebook
Length Novella, 144 pages/30625 words
Heat Level
Publication Date 15-May-2011
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