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Wayward Stripper by J.B. Buell at JMS Books

Genre Gay / Trans* / Contemporary / Escorts/Porn Stars/Strippers / Erotic Romance
Reviewed by Bob-O-Link on 04-October-2023

Book Blurb

Jake is a stripper on the run, in need of a new job. He happens to find one in New York City, at a club called The Apollo Lounge. That's where he meets another stripper named Tristan who's tall and gorgeous, and also a really nice guy.

They hit it off almost immediately, but Jake is unsure about starting something new. He's had it rough and is wary about opening up, but maybe with Tristan his luck has finally changed.


Book Review

‘Wayward Stripper’ is a fun, short read – which is much more than one might expect after reading the merely so/so blurb. But investing the little time it may take to complete is worthwhile. Jake is a trans stripper who usually performs for men. He has secrets – aside from his birth gender, and now is seeking new employment, stripping at a club the customers of which are limited to omegas and women.


In writing a concise tale, author Buell may have over-abbreviated some salient past details – such as why Jake has been living out of his car for several months, and why all his worldly possessions include several thousand dollars in cash. His interview with the club’s omega proprietress is successful and Jake gets a try-out – dancing and pushing the sale of champagne to customers. Getting the job, Jake deals with his issues – changing in the lavatory to keep his birth gender secret, and making use of different prosthetic dicks in his underwear so as to further his performance illusion. (He uses a daytime silicone packer, shaped to be flaccid but to show a bulge, and for dancing he has one shaped to look fuller and more attractive.)


Tristan, the bi lead dancer, is quite striking, “… a tall man with short blond hair, in casual jeans and a tight white tee short showing of biceps for days.”


One might queery (ha!) just how Jake made a hormone transition from omega to alpha, and how that caused his ass to require chemical assistance to regain a nice bubble shape – but hell, if you read ‘Wayward Stripper’ you are not seeking a scientific text! Nor Shakespearean poetry.


Jake and Tristan become a hot couple! (Tristan to Jake: “Do you wanna make out?”) Oddly, all the physical details seem logical. Short, successful within a particular genre of fantasy, a quick and satisfactory read. I recommend it.





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Additional Information

Format ebook
Length Novella, 25659 words
Heat Level
Publication Date 19-August-2023
Price $3.99 ebook
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