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Vanilla Licks (Sun, Sea and Submission 4) by Kim Dare at Resplendence Publishing

Genre Gay / Contemporary / BDSM / Erotic Romance
Reviewed by Serena Yates on 08-February-2013

Book Blurb

Situated just along the beach from Pendragon Bay Hotel, Vanilla Licks is the most popular ice cream shop for miles. Its success is at least partly down to Darrell—the cute guy who works behind the counter and flirts shamelessly with all the customers.
Fulton’s an experienced dom visiting the hotel to give a series of master classes on a whole host of kinky topics. Fulton doesn’t flirt. On the rare occasions that he speaks at all, it’s to give orders—which he expects to be obeyed. When Darrell catches his eye at the ice cream shop, vanilla is the last flavor on either of their minds.
Darrell is very good at joking about not being vanilla, but can he deal with a dominant who takes his BDSM seriously?

Book Review

The title alone made me grin and, like the previous books in this series, this story comes with a large dollop, or should I say scoop, of humor. Not that Darrell doesn't take his submission seriously, but the way the story is told, and the dry humor Fulton, a more than reluctant Dom, adds, is wonderfully funny and hot at the same time. I mean, a Dom who practically exudes kinkiness, but asks for 'vanilla' ice cream? That is just brilliant!

Darrell is, in his own words, "sub-curious". He hasn’t really done any playing, but he knows he wants to try. And he decides that Fulton, the guy who walks past the ice cream shop in Darrell's care, must be the perfect Dom for him. A pushier sub has rarely been seen, but Darrell needs every ounce of conviction he can muster to get Fulton to notice him. He is determined to make this work, and no other Dom has ever made him want to obey as much as this one. The scenes they have together are mild on Fulton's scale of kinkiness, but they blow Darrell's mind. No way is he going to give up, and he knows just enough about protocols to not make a complete idiot of himself, but it is a close call.

Fulton is teaching a master class at the BDSM resort next door to the ice cream shop, and not really looking for anyone outside the club. He has enough volunteers as it is. He definitely isn’t interested in a long-term relationship, and even less in someone with less experience than is good for him. Not to mention the age difference. I had to grin at his constant reiteration of all these reasons for NOT getting involved with Darrell, all the while he was getting hot and heavy with the younger man at every opportunity. Granted, Darrell initiated all of them initially, but Fulton is, after all, the Dom, right? He COULD have resisted. Funnily enough he doesn’t, and I don’t think either of them regrets that in the least.

If you like reading about hot men with one of them trying to impress the other with his non-existent sub-credentials and the other pretending he isn't interested, if you want to know how a Dom prefers his ice cream, and if you like couples who have to go through a bit of an uphill battle before they figure whether they fit together at all, you will probably enjoy this story.





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Format ebook
Length Novella, 86 pages
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Publication Date 06-February-2013
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