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Undercover Lovers (Bodyguards Inc. 4) by RJ Scott at Love Lane Books

Genre Gay / Contemporary / Bodyguards / Law Enforcement / Erotic Romance / Action/Adventure
Reviewed by Lena Grey on 15-August-2015

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Even if Ross and Kyle make it out of this alive, will the secrets in Kyle's heart stay safe?

Kyle gets caught up in a case that is entirely unrelated to Bodyguards Inc. Not only does he abruptly need time off, but he has to have absolute trust and complete support from Ross without being able to tell Ross a thing.

CIA Agent Stefan Mortimer needs Kyle's help with a case of a geneticist and a bio-terrorism threat. Trouble is being led right to Kyle’s door, endangering the life of the team he has built and the man that he loves.

Going undercover, with Ross as his husband, is the worst kind of torture in so many ways, but it is the only answer. Kyle and Ross may well live through this but Kyle is convinced his heart won't survive.


Book Review

“Fear is okay temporarily. But if we allow ourselves to be trapped by it and surround ourselves by such walls, we are merely going towards slow deaths. The sooner we realise that most everything we desire is on the other side of fear, the sooner we begin to live...” - Anoma Natasha Paleebut

Trying to mask your feelings to protect someone from consequences is seldom productive. Kyle, from 'Undercover Lovers' by R.J. Scott, is the owner of Bodyguards Unlimited. Kyle has been in love with Ross, one of his agents, for a long time but does everything he can to hide it. Kyle fears his past trauma if he were close to Ross, and concludes this without even giving Ross an opportunity to try. What Kyle doesn't realize is that Ross is in love with him as well and has tried just as hard as Kyle has to hide it because being involved with his boss could not possibly end well. Their feelings come to a head when they are thrust together in an undercover operation in which they pretend to be newlyweds. They struggle with the necessary intimacy involved, and soon their undercover job uncovers their true feelings for each other.

Kyle has serious reservations in taking Ross with him, but he knows he can't do the job alone. Ross is trained as an agent, but has never been out in the field. If they were to encounter any real trouble, Ross would be lacking the necessary experience required to handle it. There is also the problem of how difficult it will be to be in an intimate situation with the man. Kyle rationalizes taking Ross because this job is supposed to be just surveillance; Kyle doesn't expect Ross to be exposed to any danger. Predictably, Kyle is wrong on more than one level. On a personal level, acting like a honeymoon couple is excruciatingly difficult for Ross and Kyle. Soon the intimate touches, kisses, and hand holding feel more like reality than acting. Kyle's walls begin to crumble leaving him uncertain and exposed, necessitating Kyle's physical withdrawal a few times. Since he has nowhere to get away, he locks himself in the bathroom. Ross understands because he's seen Kyle do this before when extremely stressed. Kyle has a lot of dark secrets that he wants to keep hidden. Kyle fears if anyone, particularly Ross, knows about them, he would run in the opposite direction. Kyle loves him so much, he wants to keep Ross nearby, even if they are only good friends.

Ross is troubled when he inadvertently learns what Kyle has to deal with, but he's certainly not scared away. He loves Kyle more than ever and wants to find a way to help him cope. Now Ross's problem is to make Kyle understand how he feels. Ross works hard to gain Kyle's confidence and in the process finally concludes Kyle returns his love; what they have both been fantasizing about, fighting so hard to avoid, could happen. When Kyle and Ross come to an understanding and get this through their thick heads, Kyle and Ross go full steam ahead, making up for lost time. Their sex is explosive and sensual, but full of emotion and caring. Now the elephant in the room is what happens when they go back to work and reality sets in, but they decide not to think about it until they have to.

This series keeps getting better as it goes along. This story has all the elements of a good adventure and mystery with love and lots of hot action between handsome men. Ross and Kyle's love is tested by fire and proven to be enduring. The secondary characters, Marcus and Nate, are great, both proving they are righteous men who can step us up when the situation calls for it. If you like action-packed adventure, mystery, lots of innuendos, playful bantering, and unrequited love coming to fruition, you may enjoy this story. Thank you, RJ, for delivering such a delectable read.





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Format ebook
Length Novella, 146 pages/40200 words
Heat Level
Publication Date 31-July-2015
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