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Two-Spirit's Red Road by Kim Flowers at JMS Books

Genre Gay / Steampunk / Young Adult / Interracial / Romance
Reviewed by jj on 17-August-2013

Book Blurb

In this alternate version of history, the citizens of the United States are attempting true unity. There hasn’t been a battle like this since the time of Two-Spirit’s grandfathers. Two-Spirit helped organize an ambush over a British armada, which was attempting to re-impose colonial rule. Afterwards, he and his boyfriend Strong Arrow take their relationship to a new level in the thrill of victory.

The next morning they celebrate with a friend who helped Two-Spirit organize the ambush, Amelia, and her new girlfriend Nadine. Though the battle was won, there is still an enemy to contend with ... the American spy, Mr. Pickett.

When Two-Spirit leads his friends on a mission to find him, they learn Mr. Pickett plans to seize the capitol building so Queen Victoria herself can rule over her desired new kingdom. More enemies might arrive to the shores of Delaware even after Mr. Pickett and his cronies are defeated. Will Two-Spirits and his friends survive unharmed?

Sequel to Amelia's Revolution


Book Review

This is the second book in the Amelia’s Revolution series. In some ways, this is like a second chapter for a full-length book. Therefore, it would be preferable if not essential to read these in sequence. I’m okay with that. This picks up immediately after where book one left off, but Two-Spirit provides the viewpoint here as Amelia did in the first. Our intrepid foursome consisting of two Native Americans, one colonist, and one newly freed indentured servant continues to be a powerful team.

Two-Spirit is a nickname and highlights his multi diversity and his preference for men. He is rarely apart from Strong Arrow and they make a formidable twosome. That is going to be important, as a mop-up operation needs to get in motion.

Amelia Corn, the governor’s daughter, is closely attached to Nadine, the freed slave and spearhead of the indentured servant revolt from book one. These two complete the foursome and these four, almost simultaneously, sense that an important piece of their victory needs to be buttoned up. 

The second half of the short book is sizzling combative action with the colonies' existence on the line and eventually bodies everywhere. There is less of a connection to "real" United States colonial history, but more of a cohesive bonding with book one and hopefully for the balance of the series. These are short stories but I sense the building of an amazing group of books that I intend to witness front and center! I recommend joining the adventure!





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Format ebook
Length Short Story, 7332 words
Heat Level
Publication Date 09-June-2013
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