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Touch (The Institute 2) by Cassandra Gold at Amber Allure

Genre Gay / Paranormal / Shifters / Psychic Powers / Erotic Romance
Reviewed by Lena Grey on 04-October-2012

Book Blurb

For Evan Holloway, life is a series of careful routines and rituals. For a man who can’t touch any object or person without getting a flood of impressions, that’s the only way to live. He’s not exactly happy, but he’s content—until a single, shattering revelation turns his well-ordered life upside-down. Someone is trying to brand Evan a traitor, and they have evidence to prove it.

On the run, away from the shelter of the Delphic Institute, Evan is captured. His only hope for survival is to escape. To do that, he’ll do whatever it takes.

Elijah Wexler walks out of work one night and straight into the path of an unbalanced man who takes him hostage. He soon discovers that the man isn’t so crazy after all. Everything Elijah thought he knew about his job and his life was wrong.

Together, Evan and Elijah must discover the truth.

Book Review

Trust is not easily won, especially when you've been given multiple reasons not to trust anyone. However, what happens when you have no choice? What happens if your life depends upon trusting a virtual stranger? Do you go by past experience or do you rely on what your instincts tell you? This is a question that both Elijah and Evan must face in 'Touch' by Cassandra Gold. What they decide will seal their fate.


I really admire Evan. When he was introduced in the first book, 'Healer', my heart went out to Evan. Behind his stand-offish behavior is obviously not an anti-social person by choice, but someone in pain. Touch is such an essential human need. It's message to from and to the person touched conveys so much—love, security, acceptance, comfort, and peace. I'm a toucher and the idea of having to shield myself, physically and mentally from tactile experience is one of the most painful things I can imagine. Even after all the horrible experiences Evans had, he's never given up. He's learned to protect himself in whatever way possible. Being at the Institute is a refuge; it's given him the safety net he needs to at least to be settled if not truly happy. What he needs most is someone he can be with without the nightmares of memories assaulting him, but, in his mind, this isn't possible.


Elijah is a perfect example of how an apple can fall far from a tree. Even though his father is a horrible person, Elijah is a good, kind man with a wonderful sense of moral integrity. When he meets Evan, he sees beyond his more than questionable exterior and gives him the benefit of the doubt. Evan really needs someone to believe in him and Elijah's reaction to him gives him hope. Elijah continues to stand by Evan through their transition from kidnapper and victim to friends and lovers. I'm not always a fan of a couple falling in love so fast, but these two were thoroughly convincing. Elijah is so brave, weathering, not just the storms created by Evan's abilities, but defying his father and ultimately facing Evan's friends at the Institute, knowing because of who he is, he may not be welcome. That takes real courage.


Although this is the second book in The Institute  series, 'Touch' can be read alone but it will be harder to follow without the background information found in the first book, including the characters who are introduced in the first installment. To fully feel the impact of the story, it's advisable to read the books sequentially. I thoroughly enjoyed this book. It has everything a good story should have: angst, intrigue, villains, heroes, super powers, sensuality, love, and a happy ending all wrapped up in a well-written, fast-paced, enjoyable story. I recommend it to everyone who likes a story where the good guys come out on top, and, of course, there are huge hints of more to come. Thank you, Cassandra! I can hardly wait until the next book is finished.




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Format ebook and print
Length Novel, 240 pages/60000 words
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Publication Date 01-July-2012
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