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Tomin's Revenge (Assassin's Loyalty 4) by Stephani Hecht at C&J Publishing

Genre Gay / Paranormal / Shifters / Erotic Romance
Reviewed by Christy Duke on 06-July-2018

Book Blurb

Every time Tomin turns around, one of the leaders of the Assassin’s Loyalty is telling him how to do every little thing. How can he think anything but that he’s the screw up of the group? Maybe his master was correct, and he wasn’t good for anything.

Remus might be a sugar glider but he’s anything but sweet. That was beaten out of him at an early age along with caring for anyone other than his twin. Keeping to himself is the best for him since one day he’ll just disappear from the Loyalty.

When the threat of Tomin’s former master rears, the only thing that Remus can think of protecting Tomin at all costs. Can Remus overcome his walls to help Tomin get the best revenge? Proving to himself that he’s worth so much more than he ever realized.

Book Review

“He’d come into this world alone. He’d grown up alone. In the end, he would die alone.”

Tomin is my favorite kind of character. He’s mouthy, snarky, and hides all of his hurt behind the attitude. Remus is Cain’s twin (book two) and a sugar glider which honestly has to be the most adorable marsupial on the planet. Remus himself, however, is a stoic, badass assassin who truly believes he has no emotions and is incapable of socializing. Both of these men are so different from each other though that doesn’t seem to stop them from being curious about the other. Of course, the fact that they struggle to understand their own emotions doesn’t help their confusion.

Tomin believes the leaders of the Loyalty view him as a complete screw-up although that belief is mired more in everything Tomin’s former master told him. Tomin sees himself as the Loyalty f*uck-up and Remus views himself as the Loyalty head case. No wonder they’re drawn to each other. Tomin is shocked when Luke partners him with Remus but not nearly as dismayed as he is when Luke tells him his former master is in town looking for him.

Remus and Tomin are so wonderful together and watching them fall in love, and mate, was fantastic. I would’ve enjoyed seeing Tomin’s former master captured and killed but this leaves the plot open to be continued in another tale. This has definitely been one of my more favorite in the series but I never can stay away from a snarky guy.





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Format ebook
Length Novella, 123 pages
Heat Level
Publication Date 06-December-2017
Price $4.99 ebook
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