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To Love A Woman or Butterflies, butterflies, butterflies... by Fire De Ville at Friesen Press

Genre Lesbian / Contemporary / Romance
Reviewed by jj on 30-July-2013

Book Blurb

Natalie had to live most of her life under her mothers controlling and influence, except for a brief term at the University which was full of new experiences. She now lives through a tepid marriage with her husband Pet in an upscale suburban neighborhood on a round, boring street. All that comes to an end when Victoria moves in to the neighborhood. Victoria is a beautiful, sophisticated and a wealthy mother of two who is now in a relationship with a jealous and protective man, once her best friend. Victoria's presence starts shaking up Natalie's suburban flat-linings and really stirs up foreign feelings in side her. Gradually her fleeting crush develops into something much deeper and more profound, which leads the two women to abandon everything they have come to know and accept for a love and passion so strong that it will change them both to the core.


Book Review

This book comes with an astounding assortment of characters and some extreme plot developments. Yet, it is the primary female pair that just set my heart aflame and also plunged me into black, cold despair. However, hot tempestuous lover’s love, mother’s love, family love, a friend’s love, and that all-important special fly-on-a-butterfly’s-wing love factor make this an extraordinary tale. While I ran the gamut of extreme feelings, I was taken from a boring homogenous upscale community to the wild doings in South Beach and a very exciting local Lesbian club scene. The poignant tears I shed plus the body-shaking guffaws I experienced puts this book’s impact, for me, at an all time high. This was a completely amazing trip and a half!

Natalie has rarely left the very private, very exclusive community called Round Lake Village. She has lived under her mother’s thumb and extreme negativity for most of her life. Her husband, foisted on her by her mother, does nothing to relieve the extreme tedium. When a new family moves to Round Lake including a youngish wife, Natalie senses a flutter within her bosom signaling a light at the end of a dismal long tunnel. I so rooted for Natalie to receive a wondrous gift from the cosmos.

Victoria is like a force of nature although initially locked in an ice age of sorts. She senses in a near parapsychic fashion that someone special is near by in this private community. She and her husband moved to Round Lake Village specifically for their two young sons' benefit. It takes a bit of time to learn how incredibly multi-talented she is. Her passionate nature comes to the surface much earlier in the book. She knocked my socks off again and again and again. 

The ever-present butterflies that are continually referenced seem to be a metaphor for psychic links and a kind of heavenly intervention I have never read or experienced before. I was enchanted with this thread that shows up throughout the book. Yet it is the tension, turmoil, and blissful love scenes that made this read a powerhouse experience. On balance, I have nothing with which to compare this book, but the poignantly evolving love between Natalie and Victoria creates an easy path for me to totally recommend ‘To Love a Woman’.  





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Format ebook and print
Length Novel, 304 pages
Heat Level
Publication Date 01-November-2012
Price $23.99 paperback
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