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Thief in the Light (Bed, Breakfast, and Beyond 1) by Jaime Samms

Genre Gay / Contemporary / Urban Fantasy / Magic / Romance
Reviewed by Barb on 15-April-2020

Book Blurb

Lucky Denver has wandering feet, sticky fingers and an unreliable moral compass—he’s never had a home and he’s not so sure he cares about what he’s missing.

Arnold Kreed who runs a small-town B&B knows what a home should be. So does his home, The Oaks—aka Mildred—and she has some very definite opinions on who should stay and who should go.

Mildred wants Lucky to stay—and while Kreed is surprised, he can’t really blame the old girl. He’s getting sort of attached himself. Lucky might be fine with the house’s eccentricities, but he’s not so sure Kreed will be fine with the man attached to Lucky’s real name. When Kreed falls ill, Lucky needs to make a decision—wander away like he’s always done or stay and be his better self. Kreed’s hoping he’ll stay—and so is The Oaks, and Mildred has a way of getting what she wants.

Book Review

This story made me feel good. Different from the norm, it has a very homey feel—very down to earth and sweet. The super-slow-burn MM romance between a twentysomething runaway and a thirtysomething bed and breakfast inn owner is slow-paced, allowing readers to savor the atmosphere and get to know the characters. The inn is a stately old house named the Oaks, and it happens to be haunted. Mildred is the affectionate nickname assigned to the house and she shows her approval by locking guests in or out, as the case may be. At times using her ancient hot water pipes to show her disgruntlement or to scare away a guest who happens to be unwanted (like the former lover of the owner) by rattling said pipes or shutting off her hot water, Mildred is a force to be reckoned with and adds to the overall reading enjoyment.

Lucky has been running from his past for over ten years. He’s never wanted to stay in any one place until he lands at the Oaks and meets the owner, Albert Kreed. Kreed is a big old teddy bear with a heart of gold. It’s Kreed who offers Lucky the first real chance he’s had since he left home at seventeen when his less than stellar parents were under investigation for fraud and embezzlement. The author takes the time throughout the story to slowly fill in Lucky’s back story and to let his personality unfold on page where the reader can appreciate all he’s been through and the potential he has for a better future. And Kreed? How Kreed got where he is, who he is, and what he wants from Lucky and from his friends and neighbors also slowly unfolds on page so that by the time the two become a couple, an interesting paranormal experience has taken place, a former boyfriend has been put in his place, and a sleezeball of epic proportions has found out he shouldn’t have thrown stones at someone who can toss them right back.  

This is not a sex-on-page erotic romance. It’s more of a gradual opening of possibilities, a chance for redemption, and the promise of a bright future. Character development, including that of the cast of secondary characters, is outstanding. I felt as if I were there—in that town, under Mildred’s roof, and fighting for justice for those who deserved it. This a story I most highly recommend.





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Format ebook and print
Length Novel, 360 pages
Heat Level
Publication Date 15-April-2020
Price $3.99 ebook, $12.99 paperback
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