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The Wrong Side of Right by Nya Rawlyns at PubRight

Genre Gay / Contemporary / BDSM / Erotic Romance
Reviewed by Alex on 25-November-2013

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Tony Mitchell is a loner who spends most of his life staying low, denying who and what he is until Aiden Caldwell walks into the shop and changes everything. Tony thinks his new supervisor hates his guts, but that doesn’t keep Tony from dreaming and yearning. His fantasies drive him to follow the older man, revealing a secret that only confounds Tony’s obsession.

Conflicted and confused, Tony falls under the spell of a man called Tank who leads Tony down a dark path of seduction and dangerous cravings. Under Tank’s guidance, Tony learns to suspend reality, to succumb. The one thing he doesn’t learn is how to say no.

Aiden Caldwell pulls Tony from the precipice but not from the addiction that threatens to consume the young man.

In the matter of love and trust, can two men intent on hiding their most secret selves find common ground as fate and their own tumultuous pasts conspire to tear them apart?


Book Review

This highly erotic and powerful story took me by surprise and then some as it plunged me deep into the raw emotional depths of its lead character, Tony, a seemingly surly mechanic with a preference for a side of pain with his pleasure. Tossed immediately into Tony’s rapid-fire observations of the world he inhabits, I first wasn’t sure what to make of his churlish, anxiety-ridden, but passionate commentary. From his boss, whom he has a crush on, to the customers in the auto shop where he works, to his Latino coworker, Jorge, who frequently provides Tony with a little sumthing-sumthing on the side, Tony’s harsh critiques show little mercy.

Shortly, I realized that for every cutting remark Tony directed externally, albeit silently, he voiced thrice as many harsh comments toward himself. This is where this author’s skill at revelation of character transcends the norm. With the precision of a laser slicing a pea, Tony is revealed to be a man on the edge. An edge of fear and self-loathing so profound that his self-esteem is a chronic, barely scabbed over wound, which he obsessively picks at in an attempt to keep his secrets hidden.

Long before Tony’s secrets are revealed I felt a kinship and empathy for him that transcended to a poignant love for humanity in general. Especially the orphaned and abused struggling to hide their imagined flaws as they try to catch up to the “normal” world, wondering “Why the hell does everyone else seem to know what they are doing but me?” I daresay anyone who has trod the edge or the abyss of self-directed anxiety with a certainty that discovery followed by ridicule and destruction is imminent, will have much compassion for Tony.
This exploration of profound, guttural emotion makes for an engrossing and fascinating read. The story of Tony’s daily life and his attempt to find the cure for what ails him is revealed via his relationships with his boss, Aiden, his coworker, Jorge, and his companion in sexual pain, Tank. Events play out in a series of stimulating encounters that shed much light on the patchwork of damage that is Tony Mitchell. Sex play with toys provides scorching fodder for the imagination, while misunderstandings and miscommunications contribute to the fragile undertones echoing this work. Romance is afforded by scenes of tender sacrifice, some of which put me in mind of a modern day Gift of the Magi.

The brilliance of Nya Rawlyn’s wordplay and storytelling ability is such that other than revealing that Tony is slight and has a light beard, there is little description of his outer appearance and yet I could only see him as beautiful. I got to know the man from the inside out through his somewhat warped self-perspective and through the eyes of others. The details, provided in precious nuggets from his vivid companions, kept me in a state of anticipation, uncertain whether I could trust the vision of the realistically flawed supporting characters. This too added to the page-turner drive of the tale, the need to know the truth of Tony outside of altered perception. Aiden’s response to Tony and a subsequent trip to a menswear store vividly portray the disparity of inner esteem and outer appearance, the latter revealing that the author also has a gift for light comedy. The character of Ruby, Aiden’s closest friend, also provides delightful moments of mirth.

While the jagged little pill of inner angst struck a wonderful chord for me, this multi-dimensional story has a lot more going for it. Excellent BDSM scenes, a bit of criminal activity, and the romancing of Tony by the hot, lean, fit handsome machine that is Aiden Caldwell make for a well-rounded story. But make no mistake; this is not cookie cutter male-male romance. These are gritty, sensual characters who work hard for their pleasure, written about in the sublime language of inner turmoil, masculine ambition, and relentless sexual drive. It’s the wrong side of right, but it is oh, so right.

Thank you, Nya Rawlyns, for penning this tale of the inner man…coming out. “Powerful, Luminous, Fragility”





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