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The Vicar of Passmore (Passmore 1) by Mark Alders at Extasy Books

Genre Gay / Contemporary / Erotic Romance / Humor/Comedy
Reviewed by Serena Yates on 25-January-2013

Book Blurb

The country gives you more than fresh air.


When the townsfolk of Passmore get wind of the fact their Vicar’s new verger, Wilson Rooney, is gay, a series of events spark the start of both his and the vicar’s adventures when it comes to keeping the rather interesting flock of Passmore within the fold. Not only that, they’ll have to gain the approval of the parish council before Wilson can be accepted. No small task when it’s headed by one of the most conservative parish council leaders ever to have walked the face of God’s green earth.
Can the vicar get Wilson accepted into the community? Or will his efforts result in a disaster that will divide the town they have been trying to keep together since the decline in population has hit them hard. Time will tell, but not before love blooms in the most unexpected way and the vicar uses some rather unorthodox methods to get his parishioners to see the light about Wilson and his lifestyle choice.

Book Review

This book is filled with humor, lots of quirky characters, and a message about tolerance that is all the more effective for its simplicity. Imagine a town full of people who would be considered somewhere between slightly odd and very strange by most average humans. They range from a nudist who likes to do his gardening, uhm, in the nude, to a woman who believes she's the world's best cook but produces inedible meals, to the mayor with a somewhat embarrassing fetish. And amongst all this craziness, a gay verger (vicar's assistant) is then told he is the odd one out.

Wilson is the new verger, moving to Passmore to assist the local vicar in his job, and he happens to be gay. He is slightly worried that might become an issue, but he isn't prepared for the storm of righteous and other indignation he ignites. The vicar may reassure him all will be fine, but he is sorely lacking in faith. Being the good assistant he is, he still follows his boss's lead - and ends up more than surprised with the outcome.

Edmund is Wilson's romantic interest, and let me tell you, the hunky country doctor is a great catch! He is tender, passionate, and loyal to a fault. His interest in Wilson brings him out of the slight social isolation he'd put himself in, and once he enters the public eye, he isn't going to pull back again. He supports Wilson all the way, and that was a wonderful addition to this somewhat crazy tale.

This book makes it very clear that "normal" is an extremely relative term, and that those in glass houses really shouldn’t throw stones. Even though it made me laugh – a lot – and is highly entertaining, it also made me think about the really important things in life. Love and acceptance, as well as a good dose of tolerance are needed for that, and the vicar embodies these principles beautifully. He is the one bringing everybody back on track and ensuring that this little flock continues to function like any average town would.

If you like romantic comedies with a message, if small town life fascinates you and you’re ready to visit one of the more unusual ones, and if you're looking for a touching love story, then you will probably like this book. I'm certainly looking forward to reading the sequel (Christmas in Passmore).




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