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The Trouble With Tony (Sex in Seattle 1) by Eli Easton at Dreamspinner Press

Genre Gay / Contemporary / Doctors/Nurses/EMTs/Vets / Romance / Humor/Comedy
Reviewed by Christy Duke on 22-December-2013

Book Blurb

As part of the investigation into the murder of a young woman, Seattle P.I. Tony DeMarco poses as a patient of Dr. Jack Halloran, the therapist who treated the victim at a Seattle sex clinic. This isn’t the first time Tony has gone undercover, but it’s the first time he’s wanted to go under cover with one of his suspects. He can’t help it—Jack Halloran is just the kind of steely-eyed hero Tony goes for. But he’ll have to prove Halloran’s innocence and keep the doctor from finding out about his ruse before he can play Romeo.

Dr. Halloran has his own issues, including a damaged right arm sustained in the line of duty as a combat surgeon in Iraq and the PTSD that followed. He’s confused to find himself attracted to a new patient, the big, funny Italian with the puppy-dog eyes, and Tony’s humor slips right past Jack’s defenses, making him feel things he thought long buried. But can the doctor and the P.I. find a path to romance despite the secrets between them?


Book Review

Having been insanely lucky enough to stumble across Eli Easton as a writer during the Dreamspinner Press 2013 Advent Calendar stories, I am pretty much on an Eli kick these days and can't seem to get enough! When I read the blurb for 'The Trouble with Tony' I just knew it would appeal to me, and, as usual, I was right. Ask my husband, I always am. I mean, come on, sex clinic! *snort* The fact this series is set in Seattle brought comfort since I lived in that area for twelve years and it's always nice to see a little piece of home.

Yep, I fell for Tony immediately. Fantastic sense of humor, shy, a little awkward, a little uncoordinated, and smart enough to know he'd do better as a private investigator than he did as a cop. I like self-aware people. When the parents of a young girl who died hired him to look into it since the coroner declared it an accidental overdose but she had no history of any drug abuse, Tony discovers she'd been getting treatment at a sex clinic. What better way to investigate than to pose as a patient? Even better, or maybe worse, Tony has an actual problem he could discuss (he's got a picky dick).

Jack Halloran was a combat surgeon until a blast destroyed most of his right arm and his ability to operate. When a friend's wife offered him a chance to treat people's libidos, it came as a surprise to Jack that he was good at it. The irony being that his own sex life is currently dead in the water. But, Jack feels like he's been put out to pasture and his own resentment of that still irritates.

"'Sad, isn't it? I've already ordered the tombstone for my penis at Everlasting Hills,' Tony agreed morosely.
'What about masturbation?'
Tony groaned. 'Doc, you're killing me! Can you call it something else? Like 'tenderizing the steak'? I'd feel better.'
Jack grinned. .....'You do realize this is a sex clinic,' Jack said. 'We use big boy language here.'
'And I had an Italian mother. You say those things, I want to slap your face and then wash your mouth out,' Tony complained."

Tony and Jack begin their therapy sessions but it's obvious to Tony immediately that his "picky dick" is all about Jack. Oh crap. Now what? Tony continues to investigate the murder and becomes more and more convinced that the husband did it, regardless of his alibi. The only thing left to do is to prove the husband murdered his wife and get Jack to agree to date him. But what happens when it all comes down to the wire, and Jack and Tony's lives are on the line? And, the lies and omissions get revealed?

Oh Eli, how I absolutely loved this book. It was funny, sexy, sincere, heartfelt, loving, and yeah, did I say funny? Tony and Jack are excellent characters and I'm adding them to my list of favorites. Thank you, Eli, great job!





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Format ebook and audio
Length Novella, 144 pages/33543 words
Heat Level
Publication Date 21-August-2013
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