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The Strength of the Pack (The Tameness of the Wolf 1) by Kendall McKenna at MLR Press

Genre Gay / Paranormal / Military/Former Military / Erotic Romance / Action/Adventure
Reviewed by Christy Duke on 12-July-2013

Book Blurb

A Marine werewolf and his commander bring legends to life while surviving combat deployment in Afghanistan.

Lieutenant Lucas Young doesn't know much about shifters. When Sergeant Noah Hammond is assigned to Lucas' platoon, the Marine Corps' True Alpha werewolf challenges the Lieutenant's authority and his self-control. As Lucas learns to dominate and command Noah, he struggles against a strong attraction and deepening emotional bond. During their combat deployment to Afghanistan, Lucas and Noah begin mirroring legendary partnerships. Their bond and their power grow as they survive dangerous combat and ambushes. When one of them is wounded in battle, they both must embrace the strength of their bond before they lose each other forever.

Book Review

I have found a new author to include in my favorites and her name is Kendall McKenna. Many friends have recommended her books and I'm glad I listened. The writing is fast-paced, concise, and detailed enough to draw me into the story, but not so much that I felt bogged down or overwhelmed.

'Strength of the Pack' is absolutely fantastic!! In fact, I don't have enough adjectives to adequately express how wonderful this book is. It combines two of my favorite things - werewolves and the Marine Corps. I have family who serve so Semper Fi on that score. The author has done her research not just on wolves but also on our military and how it functions.

Lucas and Noah are so smoking hot it's not even funny. I'm adding them to my list of favorite couples. Lieutenant Lucas Young is training his platoon for deployment to Afghanistan. He gets assigned a few werewolves under his command which is a first for him. Then he gets assigned Sergeant Noah Hammond, the only True Alpha in the entire USMC. Now Lucas hasn't received the additional training that officers are given in order to command werewolves, just the standard that everyone gets about working alongside them. So, Lucas has to rely on being himself and his own instincts. Lucky for him, that works for Noah and he and Lucas form a bond where Lucas functions as the Alpha's Dominant. This makes them a very desirable and practically unbeatable team.

They are in the midst of the war in Afghanistan with Lucas trying to fully understand what their bond and him being the Dominant really means. Lucas is learning how to command the Pack. He's learning what Noah needs from him. And he's starting to come to grips with what he needs from Noah. Battles are raging and Marines are dying. In the midst of all this, Lucas is still trying to separate any personal emotions about Noah from their bond. He's trying to relegate all of these emotions and feelings to being a Marine and doing the "job". Until an emergency happens. Until they're sent stateside for a bit before returning to their platoon. Now Lucas and Noah need to learn what the bond means outside of a combat zone. They need to learn to verbally express what they're feeling to each other and be able to work through their horrible miscommunications. And, most importantly, Lucas needs to understand his role as Dominant since a true were-bond has not existed for centuries.

An amazing book. I'm so glad I read it. And I'm sad because I don't know how long it'll be before the next one and that will make me crazy! Read this book. It is SO worth it.






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Format ebook and print
Length Novel, 95000 words
Heat Level
Publication Date 18-January-2013
Price $8.99 ebook, $14.99 paperback
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