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The Stable Boy by Megan Derr at Less Than Three Press

Genre Gay / Fantasy / Romance
Reviewed by Lena Grey on 14-February-2013

Book Blurb

On a journey to meet his fiancé and begin wedding preparations, Prince Diggory is betrayed by his bodyguard, who intends to steal Diggory's life. Left for dead in a river, the last thing Diggory expects is to live.

But surviving is only half the battle, and Diggory will have to figure out how to work around the constraints of a terrible curse if he hopes to stop the man who betrayed him and gain back his life.  

Book Review

Identity theft is not just a modern problem; it's existed in one form or another for many centuries. In 'The Stable Boy' by Megan Deer, Prince Diggory is a victim of this heinousness crime. In order to gain back his true status, he must, for safety's sake, win his intended fiance´'s confidence and get him to trust him without telling him who he actually is—not an easy task.

Diggory is not a spoiled little rich boy prince. He doesn't try to set himself apart as being exceptional or asking for special privileges. He believes in doing what he can for himself. When his new friend, Freddie, suggests that he not tell anyone he's a prince, he takes his advice. Diggory is determined to seek revenge for the betrayal, the curse placed upon him and his attempted murder. He inadvertently meets Prince Aldawin who offers him a job in his stables. Diggory is an expert with horses and has no problem passing as a stable boy which puts him in a position to infiltrate the castle and seek his revenge while he searches for a way to reveal his true self to Aldawin. One of the advantages Diggory has is that they have been corresponding for months now, so there are things only he could know. He just has to be careful not to reveal too much too soon.

Prince Aldawin is impressed, by Diggory's knowledge of horses, but is also puzzled as well. He finds Diggory forward and outspoken, but refreshing and attractive. Even when Diggory is pretending to be a stable boy, his regal attitude still shines through. Aldawin is miserable with the man he thinks is his intended and wonders if there's a way to get out of it. He can't believe that Benoit, who is pretending to be Diggory, is the same person with whom he corresponded especially since Benoit seemed to have forgotten much of what they had written about. As often happens with greedy, deceitful people, Benoit slowly but surely digs his own grave, but not until he causes Aldawin and Diggory even more pain.

For a short story, Megan has done a marvelous job of squeezing in a great deal of pertinent information. Her lyrical choice of words enhanced the nuance of being in a time where there are knights, castles, horses, magic, and princes; one where the politics and scandals ran rampant and it is difficult to know whom to trust. The characters are well drawn and endearing and strong, or hateful and greedy, as the case may be. I easily became emotionally involved with both princes, for their charm and good sense of character and was cheering them on all the way. This fairy tale-like story is a bit on the dark side, but very enjoyable and engaging. I'd recommend it to those who like romantic, historical love stories, where good overcomes evil. Thanks, Megan, for the entertaining adventure.



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Format ebook
Length Short Story, 12000 words
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Publication Date 17-January-2013
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