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The King's Courage (North Pole City Tales 6) by Charlie Cochet at Dreamspinner Press

Genre Gay / Fantasy / Magic / Royalty/Nobility / Elves/Fairies/Sidhe / Mythological Creatures / Romance / Holiday
Reviewed by Serena Yates on 20-December-2017

Book Blurb

With the wedding of Jack Frost and Rudy Rein Dear only three weeks away, everyone travels to Jack’s palace in Svalbard, Norway, where the happy couple will exchange vows beneath the northern lights. Festivities have been planned leading up to the wedding, and Dasher eagerly anticipates not just the fun, but staying under the same roof as the blustering winter spirit who’s caught his eye—the King of Frost, Jack’s father.

A long-ago tragedy has left Eirik fearing to ever love again. As the King of Frost, Eirik maintains his distance from everyone, especially the young Christmas elf who insists on intruding on Eirik’s solitude. But Dasher is determined to find a way to show the lonely king that his heart still beats and he shouldn’t fear allowing it to beat for another.

Book Review

My annual visits to North Pole City have become a much-loved Christmas tradition, and when I saw that this year, it is finally the King of Frost’s turn to find happiness, I was very excited. I saw little hints of what the author might have in mind in last year’s installment, but the reality of getting to watch Eirik deal with his much-denied feelings under the relentless, if very loving, onslaught of Dasher’s advances, was a true treat. North Pole City and Winter Wonderland are as magical as ever, and I just love the fascinating world that Charlie Cochet has created from a mixture of winter legends and stories.

As a brief recap, in this world the North Pole is run like a modern company, the Rein Dear are a group of nine elite pilots in charge of the annual Big Flight, Mayor Kringle (the spirit of Christmas) is in charge, and the Frost family (spirits of winter of various talents) provides a hint of royalty and mystery in the neighboring Winter Wonderland. I do recommend you read these stories in order – they not only all build on each other, but each of them is also a wonderful adventure and fun romance.

Okay. So. Eirik. He is extremely grumpy, as befits the King of Frost, but he is also lonely. He would never admit this of course, pretending he likes to keep his distance from people, especially annoyingly cheerful and fun-minded Christmas elves. But Eirik’s son, Jack, is getting married, there are three weeks of festivities to face, and Eirik has promised his brother that he will try to be more sociable – for Jack’s sake. Quite the setup!

Dasher has a reputation as someone who is not good at relationships, but he has fallen for the frosty king quite a while ago. He is too proud to let it show, but his determination is considerable. Dasher has a hard time getting the king to see that there is more between them than distance, and more than once, Dasher is close to giving up. Luckily there is always just enough hope to keep him going.

Between Eirik’s fear to love again and Dasher’s unrelenting pursuit, despite his painful past, it was clear that something would have to give sooner or later. Not before several other magical creatures get involved, a mysterious enemy makes an appearance, and a last-minute rescue has to be mounted. It takes a lot to convince Eirik that he and Dasher belong together, but once it happens? Pure bliss ensues.

If you like this fantasy world of North Pole City and Winter Wonderland with all its amazing characters, if you believe that everyone deserves a second chance at love, and if you're looking for a read that contains danger, romance, and lots of hope, then you will probably like what looks like the last novella in this magical series.





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Format ebook
Length Novella, 77 pages/25210 words
Heat Level
Publication Date 20-December-2017
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