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The Final Line (The Recon Diaries 3) by Kendall McKenna at MLR Press

Genre Gay / Contemporary / Military/Former Military / Erotic Romance / Action/Adventure
Reviewed by Christy Duke on 18-July-2013

Book Blurb

Staff Sergeant Corey Yarwood is an instructor at the Basic Reconnaissance Course. His last deployment ended in horror, but he can't remember those events. Battling severe PTSD, Corey's drinking is growing out of control.

Sean Chandler walks into a dive bar, and into Corey's life. An actor and a musician, Sean has the empathy and compassion to sooth Corey's pain, and the strength to support him as he struggles to heal.

Corey's lost memories are pivotal to a civilian murder, and a military investigation. Remembering could mean salvation, or destruction. Will the truth be too much for Sean to handle?


Book Review

'The Final Line', book three in Kendall McKenna's Recon Diaries series, is an amazing and awe-inspiring book of courage, honesty, honor, fear, hope, rage, commitment, loyalty, and love. Above all, love.

I fell for Corey Yarwood when he was first introduced in prior books. I couldn't help it and I didn't want to - he tugged at my heartstrings from the moment he walked onto the pages. Now he has his own story told from his point of view and what a point of view it is. Corey is struggling, trying to deal with memories from his last deployment, nightmares he has practically every night waking himself up screaming. He's trying to self-medicate with alcohol and that's not really working very well for him. He meets Sean Chandler one night and their attraction is unmistakable. Sean is an actor/singer/songwriter/model with a gentle, healing soul that Corey so desperately needs. And Corey gives Sean what he needs - someone who isn't fixated on Sean's looks above all else. These guys are incredibly hot together, but besides that, it's a miraculous journey watching them fall in love, watching them be what the other needs so badly, and doing it with honesty and grace.

Amidst all of this is the DOD's investigation (enter Jonah and Kellen) into an incident that occurred in Afghanistan on Corey's last deployment. Someone is covering something up and DOD is trying to get to the bottom of it. Unfortunately, Corey is right in the middle as much of his PTS is derived from this incident. Add to that, a member of Corey's former platoon beating his girlfriend to death and trying to shift his responsibility onto the Corps and the Afghani incident and you can understand why Corey is stressed out beyond belief. Luckily, Corey listens to Jonah and Sean and begins counseling and medication to help him deal with the trauma he has suffered.

'The Final Line' is different from the prior two books in the series, but in NO WAY does that detract from the powerful emotions this story brought about in me. This story deals with the horrible reality of war - not just physical injuries, but the almost more devastating mental and emotional scars that are incurred. The author writes this in an empathetic, compassionate, but very stark manner which brings the beauty of the human spirit to the forefront. In case you can't tell from what I've written, I loved this book. I loved Corey. I loved Sean. When I was done reading, I wanted more, more of the guys, and more of this world the author has created. These books are on my re-read pile for a reason. Don't miss out on it!





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Format ebook and print
Length Novel, 108000 words
Heat Level
Publication Date 05-July-2013
Price $8.99 ebook, $14.99 paperback
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