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The Drumbeat of His Heart by M.C. Roth at Pride Publishing

Genre Gay / Contemporary / Erotic Romance
Reviewed by Bob-O-Link on 20-July-2021

Book Blurb

A brush with death delivers Ian into Trent’s life, but there’s more to Ian than he shares—a hidden life, a hidden career and secrets that may tear them apart.

When Trent is almost hit by a swerving Corvette, he has no idea that the driver will change his life forever.


Freezing cold and soaked, Trent pulls the strikingly attractive Ian from the wreckage. Ian is everything Trent has been looking for in a man—beautiful, sexy—and he needs a place to stay for the weekend.


Trent is out and proud, and he prays he can keep his hands to himself with the gorgeous man under his roof. But Ian is the one who follows Trent into the shower, shows him things that Trent never imagined and takes the final thread of Trent’s virginity.


After a weekend of passion, Trent finds himself falling for Ian, even though they live a country apart. But there is more to Ian than what he says. A hidden life, a hidden career and more lies than Trent can imagine.


Ian’s secrets may tear their hearts to pieces—or transform their desires into something more.



Reader advisory: This book contains scenes involving drug use and homophobia. There are references to an alcohol problem, public sex and voyeurism.

Book Review

Julius Caesar had the gall to advise that “All of Gaul is divided into three parts”. M.C. Roth, perhaps less presumptuously, has likewise trisected ‘The Drumbeat of His Heart’, which I will address as such.


Part the First – F**king: So many years ago, just about the time I was celebrating my Bar Mitzvah, I received two wonderful gifts – the onset of puberty, and an appreciation of dirty books. It was a wonderful time. I remember eagerly consuming then current roman a clefs which often riffed on notorious international playboys (many of whom, it seemed, had excessively short sexual refractory periods). I also enjoyed a very accurate knockoff of some of the more erotic tales from Boccaccio’s renaissance masterpiece, ‘The Decameron’. Thus, one could quickly learn the pleasures of one-handed reading under the covers, especially for the ambitiously ambidextrous.


Kudos to M.C. Roth for beginning with a demonstrated appreciation of that genre. Without abandoning plot or character, in ‘The Drumbeat of His Heart’ Roth begins by capturing the most basic (or, the basest?) of our reading interests. Note that by one quarter into the book (a few fictional days!), the main characters have had intercourse at least three times while busily perfecting their skills at fellatio. Phew! Both sexually and visually a skilled authorial mood is set. “Clouds had a habit of waiting until he left the safety of the building before they unleashed their wrath.” The main characters are promptly and colorfully introduced, immediately bringing to mind a possible scenario for a porn flick: two big men (the smaller being six feet tall), one with tattooing on a bald head and the other erotically pierced; the larger man is hung like a horse (even his fingers are “hung”!); detailed shower sex with a virgin bottom and multiple positions. We are witnesses to instant lust. Phew, again!


M.C. Roth is a wonderful linguist (i.e., use of words, not of tongue. Don’t be a dirty sot!) Wait ‘til you read about Trent having sex over a stove and accidentally… well, you’ll see.


Quick aside: As with Shakespeare, and occasional non-reappearing comic characters, Trent’s mother is barely present in the first third of the book, but marvellously introduces herself by bursting in on the main characters, saying “Well at least somebody is getting laid in this godforsaken town.” Wonderful fun. Save me the room next to hers in our retirement village.


Part the Second – Forgiving: The book is too good to overanalyze or parse to death. Reading pleasure awaits you, as the heroes, together with Terry’s outre fag hag Candy, proceed two steps forward and one backward. Life and plot are complicated, as it should be.


Part the Third- Forever:

While ‘The Drumbeat of his Heart’ is about men and sex, it grows into an even better read as it focuses on the personalities and personal issues of the main characters. Friend Candy observes that Trent needs a man who will take care of him, not just screw and then break his heart. Complications will be resolved, and sexual compatibility (repeatedly) confirmed. Welcome to the HEA.




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Format ebook and print
Length Novel, 246 pages/69584 words
Heat Level
Publication Date 20-July-2021
Price $4.99 ebook, $11.99 paperback
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