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The Dragon Keeper (Romance on the Go) by Jessie Pinkham at Evernight Publishing

Genre Gay / Fantasy / Artists/Actors/Musicians/Authors / Mythological Creatures / Erotic Romance
Reviewed by Serena Yates on 04-October-2017

Book Blurb

Sometimes it takes a crisis to appreciate a good man... 


When Aldric first meets Lito, he considers the man a nuisance. As a dragon keeper for the kingdom of Corancia, he has more important tasks than answering an artist’s numerous questions about dragons. 


Lito travelled to Corancia so he could observe dragons firsthand for his paintings, and he’s full of questions about the magnificent creatures. His questions aren’t merely for his art, however, they arise from his deep love of dragons. When he overhears a plot by his own kingdom to eliminate the animals, he has to choose between his loyalty and his beloved dragons.


Working to prevent the extermination of dragons throws Aldric and Lito together. Lust is in the air, and if they’re lucky, they could end up with a happily ever after.


Book Review

In this fantasy-like world, dragons and humans live side by side – well, in the northern kingdom of Corancia, at least. Humans provide shelter for a dragon population too big to live in the available caves, and dragons help protect the kingdom against its enemies. It’s quite a useful arrangement, and because dragons are quite quirky and demanding and require careful handling, the northern king has appointed a dragon keeper as a sort of go-between who knows what the dragons need. The south, however, has eliminated all their dragons, and is now planning to expand their efforts to “cleanse” the world of creatures they neither understand nor respect.

Aldric is the northern dragon keeper, and he is good at his job. He doesn’t have a lot of patience for the southern artist who wants to sketch and draw and paint the dragons, and ends up asking Aldric a ton of never-ending questions. As a result, Aldric isn’t very enthusiastic about having Lito underfoot – not at first, that is.

Lito, different from his countrymen, loves dragons, is fascinated by them, and wants to know everything about them so his art can be accurate. I loved his curiosity and his determination to do the beauty of the dragons justice. But I began to admire him when he steps up in their defense – not an easy task for a peace-loving artist.

Aldric and Lito come from very different worlds, but they share their love for the dragons. This common interest draws them closer, and the shared danger they face means they begin to open up. All of this happens quite quickly, but the suspense and action made it feel likely they’d get to a point of trust faster than they might have under “normal” circumstances. And anyway, this is fantasy, after all.

If you like dragons and fantasy, if you enjoy watching two men grow close because of shared danger and a common goal, and if you’re looking for an entertaining read with some red-hot passion, then you will probably like this short novella.





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Format ebook
Length Novella, 15420 words
Heat Level
Publication Date 27-September-2017
Price $2.99 ebook
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