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The Doctor and the Bad Boy (Ellery Mountain 4) by RJ Scott at Love Lane Books

Genre Gay / Contemporary / Doctors/Nurses/EMTs/Vets / Erotic Romance
Reviewed by Lena Grey on 27-January-2018

Book Blurb

Mitchell Askett, the recovering alcoholic bad boy, meets Doctor Liam Wolfe, the man who shows him it’s okay to love.

No one has ever understood Mitchell Askett. The bad boy. The alcoholic. The loser. Buying into the Ellery Mountain resort and placing down roots in the community for himself, his sister and his niece puts him on the radar of the Fridays and Doctor Liam Wolfe. 

He soon realises he has friends in his new home who don’t judge him for what happened before and finally begins to escape his past. When he falls hard and fast for the doctor, he even sees a future for him in Ellery.

But when his new happiness is threatened first by family interference then by disaster, he begins to lose faith, until Liam shows him it’s okay to ask for help.

NOTE: This book was previously published by Total-E-Bound in July 2013.

Book Review

There are two sides to every story and I believe everyone deserves a second chance. Mitchell Askett of 'The Bad Boy and the Doctor' is haunted by his past. Everyone judges him, not by who he has become, but by his behavior caused by a series of bad decisions he made in the past. He's aching to make a new start for him, his sister, and his niece. Mitchell takes his savings and buys into the Ellery Mountain Resort and relocates there. He expects to be rejected, like he always has been by everyone in his life, except his sister and niece who love him dearly. He tries to keep his distance from everyone; but fate intervenes, putting Dr. Liam Wolfe directly in his path.

Mitchell can hardly believe how open the people are in Ellery. He's amazed that they don't hold his past against him; they actually encourage his integration into the community, offering support he's never had before. Mitchell is bewildered. At first, doesn't quite know how to react. He soon realizes that he loves the people, especially Liam, and the town; Mitchel finally has hope that things may be all right after all. His niece and sister love it too; they fit almost seamlessly into the friendly town. If it were not for his parents' interference, things would be idyllic, but they are determined to disrupt Mitchell and his family's life and tear them apart. What Mitchell's parents are not expecting is the overwhelming of support he receives from the Ellery Mountain community.

Liam is a good guy and an excellent doctor. He's a bit melancholy lately because his close friends have found their soul mates and are so blissfully happy that it makes him sick. He's glad for them, of course, but it makes him feel even more alone when he watches them together. It overemphasizes the fact that he's still single. When he and Mitchell meet, Liam is thunderstruck at the visceral reaction he has to him and soon realizes that Mitchell is just as affected. Liam is able to see through that bad boy exterior and into the wonderful, loving, considerate man underneath. There are some complications; the first being that his niece is Liam's patient and she comes first, before any feelings Mitchell may have for Liam. But, where there's a will, there's a way and the two men are determined to find it no matter how unlikely it may seem. Soon they are in each others arms, beds, and hearts and there's no turning back.

I liked this book even more than the other Ellery Mountain series books, because these men were determined to do what was best for their family. They put aside their personal feelings to ensure that their relationship didn't interfere with Mitchell's recovery and new start, so important to him, his niece, and his sister. Liam and Mitchell's relationship felt genuine and their loyalty, nurturing, and selflessness endeared them to me immediately and I was steadfastly cheering for them and their relationship. If you like romantic love stories filled with wonderful, realistic, unselfish characters, then you will enjoy this book. Thanks, RJ, for another visit to Ellery Mountain and its lovely residents. 





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