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The Captain and the Prime Minister (Captivating Captains 6) by Eleanor Harkstead and Catherine Curzon at Pride Publishing

Genre Gay / Contemporary / Erotic Romance
Reviewed by Lena Grey on 03-March-2020

Book Blurb

When a devoted prime minster has a second chance at romance, he discovers that love is love on Downing Street.

Captain Tom Southwell has swapped bullets for babies and works as a manny at one of the world’s most famous addresses. Behind the doors of Downing Street, he cooks dinner, puts the children to bed and is the prime minister’s best friend.


Alex Hart is the prime minister Great Britain’s been dreaming of. He’s dedicated, caring and has a conscience. He’s also a widower with two small children. The last thing he can let himself do is fall in love with the manny who has held his family together.


When an old flame from Tom’s past gets in touch, Tom’s first instinct is to keep him at arm’s length, but hell hath no fury like a yoga teacher scorned. As Alex fights to push a life-changing bill through Parliament, the tabloid vultures are circling. With rumors swirling about the prime minister and his gorgeous manny, every shark in Westminster senses blood.


Will Alex put love ahead of duty, or will the most important man in the country be the loneliest, too?


Book Review

“Love is a better teacher than duty.” ~ Albert Einstein


Tom Southwell, of ‘The Captain and the Prime Minister’ by Catherine Curzon and Eleanor Harksted, takes a job as a nanny for Alex Hart, prime minister of the UK, keeping a promise made to Gil, Alex’s deceased wife. Before she died, Tom agreed to help her husband take care of the two small children she left behind. It’s three years later and all is going well, except for one thing – Tom is in love with Alex, his very straight employer.


Alex is a wonderful prime minister who takes his job very seriously. The people love and respect him for his honesty and compassion. Being a single, widowed father of two small children endears him to them even more. As with anyone in the public eye, his people can’t get enough gossip about him. They are surprised when a man becomes the nanny to his children, jokingly calling him a manny, but, as time goes on, they see how well the children are doing under his care. Alex is eternally grateful to Tom, who has become an indispensable member of his family. Tom enables Alex to carry on his responsibilities while not having to worry about the welfare of his children. Also, the children love him. Lately, Alex is beginning to realize that what he feels for Tom is much more than affection; it’s a desire he can’t quite explain, much less act upon, but one that grows stronger every day.


Tom is happy with Alex and the children, despite his “crush” on Alex, who he never dreams would return his feelings, since, as far he knows. Yet Alex is quite affectionate with him, more than is usual for a straight man. Tom chalks it up to what they have been through together and tries to let it go. Still, in the back of his mind, he wonders if there isn’t more. Constantly he has to check himself, realizing that their closeness won’t last forever. Sooner or later, Alex will meet someone and Tom will be supercilious, a friend maybe, but not the integral part of the family that he is now. At present, after a long, stressful day at work, the best thing in the world for Alex is to be with Tom and the children. Better yet, the two of them settling down in front of the TV after the twins have gone to bed. After a particularly trying day, the closeness between Alex and Tom becomes more when Tom gives Alex a back rub that turns into the briefest of kisses. That simple act alters the dynamics of their relationship forever.


I’ve been reading the ‘Captivating Captain’ series for a while now and have to unequivocally state that this is by far the best story of all. I have to admit to getting a little lost in previous books with sometimes too much '‘Britishness’’ for this “Yank” to understand; but this story is straightforward and understandable. I adored the characters, the family dynamics, their slow-burn love story, along with all the realistic doubts and insecurities included in the process of sorting it out, not to mention the heat between them! Thanks, Catherine and Eleanor, for an endearing tale with an extremely satisfying ending!





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Format ebook and print
Length Novel, 294 pages/74553 words
Heat Level
Publication Date 03-March-2020
Price $4.99 ebook, $12.49 paperback
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