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The Arrogant Representative (Lubirea Mai 3) by Bellann Summer at Siren Publishing

Genre Gay / Paranormal / Shifters / MPreg / Interspecies / Erotic Romance
Reviewed by Christy Duke on 22-November-2017

Book Blurb

Is it better to die than to fail at your duty? Simon Craydon has been taught by his father that it's his duty to keep his superior lion shifters true blood pure and strong. Unfortunately he wasn't taught the most important part of being a mate. When his mate turns out to be a human, he comes up with a plan. Then his big brother comes to town. It will take some time for him to recover from his brother's "advice", and his stubborn mate from Simon's plan. Love or duty, can Simon figure it out in time?


Human Jessie Bailon is helping out at his sister's restaurant when he steps in and deals with a difficult customer. Jessie has no idea how his life is about to change after he's kidnapped and his release depends on a kiss. How can anger, hurt, forgiveness, giving birth, and a curse take Jessie from a true nightmare to a dream come true?


Book Review

I love it that this third installment focuses on Simon, the lion representative to the cat’s council. He’s beyond arrogant, to be honest, and is all about keeping his bloodline pure, positive that the Fates will mate him with another lion who will be his lubirea mai. He definitely is a bit focused on speciesism. The fact that Jessie is human, and has a mind of his own, goes against all of Simon’s plans. Throw in that “little” curse his brother-in-law, Riley, threw at him (and, yes, it’s perfect), and I knew I’d be in for a good time.

Dang it, Bellann, I was determined not to feel any softness for Simon, and within a few pages you gave me an alternate view of what his position on the council costs him. Granted, it doesn’t excuse his behavior, but it did make me weaken just a little toward him *stomping my foot*. Oh no, he didn’t! Okay, I take back all of my softening feelings for Simon, the conceited a**hole. You do NOT get to rid yourself of having a human mate in that manner. Thank goodness his older brother, Sabastian, arrived to take over as the lion representative to the council. Sabastian is stronger than Simon and he will make this right. (I hope, anyway, for Jessie’s sake.)

“Tell me you didn’t reject your mate.”
“He is human,” Simon repeated. What more needed to be said?
 Sabastian’s eyes flared with rage and his large hand, now containing razor-edged claws, swiped toward Simon.
“You idiot!” Sabastian shouted, stalking over to him. Strong fingers enclosed around his neck and Simon was lifted like a ragdoll until his feet no longer touched the floor.
“Fate gave you the gift of a mate and you threw it away?”

Unfortunately for my softening feelings, it would appear their dad told Simon one thing but their mother never got the chance to have her talk with him, and then he was sent to the council to study for two years. He was ten years old and stuck with the arrogant, egotistical, high-and-mighty old council members. It still doesn’t excuse him. Not completely. I might be weakening. A little. Again. But I hope Jessie tears him up. Fate definitely knew what it was doing when it paired Simon and Jessie. Jessie is no weak, puny human, and in fact, even after they’ve completed the mating, Jessie manages to put a wall around his feelings preventing Simon from having access to his emotions - something unheard of.

“We’ve both been told fate had decided this mating. You tried the coward’s way out and that didn’t work. So now what are you going to do?” Jessie asked. A flash of guilt crossed Simon’s face, and then it was gone. Jessie wasn’t sure if it was because he had called him out on his behavior or Simon was up to something new.

I liked this novel so much more than I thought I would! It was absolutely perfect and the love story was sublime. I finally got to see a birth and it was well done. I’m glad Riley’s curse worked, but happier to see Jessie work his own human magic on Simon. Now I can jump into the fourth installment which is actually a revised short previously released in an anthology. I can hardly wait.





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Format ebook
Length Novella, 76 pages/26728 words
Heat Level
Publication Date 14-December-2014
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