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Texas Twist (Texas Soul 3) by Sara York

Genre Gay / Contemporary / Cowboys / Erotic Romance
Reviewed by Serena Yates on 28-February-2017

Book Blurb

Life at Crazy Hills has become crazier, and the cowboys are misbehaving. Their worlds are turned upside down as lust leads them to places they never thought they would go.

For Erick McTavish, meeting the handsome young cowboy, Sterling White, is the first sign he may be able to put the pain and the flashbacks from his brutal abduction behind him for good. Too bad Sterling doesn’t seem to return those feelings.

Determined to remain straight, Sterling hates the walking, talking temptation that is Erick, yet he can’t seem to stop his desire to experience his first kiss with a man, but not just any man, only Erick will do. The tattered remains of Sterling’s denial are stripped away when fate steps in and wickedly hot passion ignites between the pair, leaving Sterling unable to imagine a life without Erick.

Meanwhile, the bonds of friendship between Gresh, Connor, Lane, and Riley are tested when dark desire leads them down a dangerous path twisting their relationship to the max, leaving all four men wondering if any relationship is possible after betrayal.

Book Review

This third volume is indeed, in some ways, a 'twist' on what happened in the first two. While it is very much the story of Erick and Sterling, who have a very rocky path to walk in determining whether they are meant for each other, this book also continues the stories of the two couples from the first two books. And that is, mostly, where the 'twist' originates; it will not be to everyone's liking, and it certainly caught me unaware, but I can’t say it is illogical or outside the realm of the possible – it does, however, stretch credibility a little, at least in my very personal opinion.


Erick is struggling with the consequences and aftereffects of his kidnapping and as expected, is not having an easy time of it. Then he falls for Sterling, who desperately wants to be straight, and his problems multiply. While the developing feelings give Erick hope that he may, one day, return to a normal life, Sterling's behavior only creates more issues in the present. Erick needs love and support, someone steady, not a guy who is hot one moment, then turns the cold shoulder for fear of being found out.


Sterling has his own demons to fight, but his resistance to the temptation that is Erick melts like butter in the sun every time they come close. It would take a passion as strong as the one they have between them to convince Sterling that resistance is futile, so to speak. He still takes his own sweet time to come around and there were several occasions when I wanted to shake him to speed things up.


Lane and Gresh, as well as Riley and Connor seem to have settled into coupledom very nicely. Riley has overcome the attraction he used to feel for Lane, and he has fallen head over heels for Connor. Or has he? Lane for his part never sowed any doubts that he is totally devoted to Gresh – except now the friendship with Riley takes on some distinctly 'more than friends' overtones. This is the twist part that totally surprised me and leads to some very hot activities that will not be to everyone's liking. It is all consensual and happens out in the open, so at least the potential 'cheating' aspect is well managed.


If you like drama (lots of it), enjoy reading about a man who struggles with his sexuality, and if you're a fan of the Crazy Hills ranch and what goes on with the men who work there, you will probably like this book as much as I did.




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Format ebook and print
Length Novel, 216 pages/51000 words
Heat Level
Publication Date 15-January-2014
Price $2.99 ebook, $6.99 paperback
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