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Texas Hard (Texas Soul 2) by Sara York

Genre Gay / Contemporary / Cowboys / Romance
Reviewed by Serena Yates on 23-February-2017

Book Blurb

Spurned by his heart’s desire, Riley’s aching for a fight, and he finds one with Connor, a sexy Texas lawman. Attraction fires between them, but Riley walks away, ignoring the lust between he and Connor...Until weeks later he’s caught trespassing on Connor’s new property--Naked.

Connor’s tempted to arrest the audacious naked man in his watering hole until he realizes it’s Riley. Lust muddles Connor’s logic and soon he finds himself on a path rife with temptations. Passion twists Connor inside out leading him to share one of his deepest secrets. Still Riley’s hiding something and the lack of mutual trust may end their relationship.

Then there’s the Lane factor. Riley’s ex leaves Connor feeling threatened. Riley swears it’s over, but something doesn’t sit right and Connor needs resolve. Coming to terms with their attraction means submitting to the fears haunting Connor and Riley before they can grasp the love that brought them together.

Book Review

This is one of those sequels which are more interesting to me because the villain (or, in this case, jealous jerk) from book one becomes one of the main characters in book two. I am always fascinated how seeing things from that character's side suddenly clarifies the situation and explains some of the issues I had with him in the first book. And even though neither of the main characters is a cowboy, Lane and Gresh are still there, and actually, Lane and Connor are so hot together, adding the cowboy factor might have made the book spontaneously combust.


Riley is not on a good place at the beginning of this story. He thought he had a chance with Lane, ignored all the signs to the contrary, and even tried to force himself on Lane when he was at his weakest. Now Riley has to deal with the consequences – and that isn't pretty or easy. His anger morphs from being mad about having lost Lane to being angry at himself – for not having seen the truth (that Lane was always in love with Gresh, no matter what). His road to forgiving himself and learning to trust again is realistically hard.

Connor is a man with secrets and a very painful past. He prefers working alone, likes being in control, and trust isn’t something that comes easily to him. He is also more stubborn than is good for him. When he first discovers he is attracted to Riley, he fights anything beyond physical involvement as hard as he can. His road to admitting he feels more for Riley is as long as the one that lets him open up and trust again.

Riley and Connor, after an initial lust-driven encounter, are total opposites and their fight for dominance is very hot. I didn't think they'd ever figure it out, especially when Connor finds out about Riley's former infatuation with Lane. And that is just one of the many issues they have. If you like drama (lots of it), enjoy two hot men fighting for half the book before figuring out that making love can be more fun, and if Texas as a setting sounds attractive, you will probably like this book as much as I did.




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Format ebook and print
Length Novel, 222 pages/51000 words
Heat Level
Publication Date 14-January-2014
Price $2.99 ebook, $8.99 paperback
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