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Ten by J. Scott Coatsworth

Genre Gay / Contemporary / Romance / Holiday
Reviewed by Serena Yates on 27-November-2018

Book Blurb

It's ten days until Christmas.

After losing his husband in an auto accident the year before, Chris has decided to go all out to find someone new before the big holiday - planning ten dates in ten days. Somehow, though, none of them is quite right. And as each new day and date passes, Chris starts to notice a strange pattern in the guys he's dating.

What do they all have in common? And is one of them Chris's new Mister Right?

Only time will tell.

Book Review

At the core of this thoughtful, sweet Christmas story are both heartbreak, due to a husband lost, and a very cute idea to help the surviving man find new hope a year later. It’s a story with heart and a ton of Christmas spirit, entirely without fluff or sap, and written with lots of humor. The end result is entertaining, made me smile, and carries a wonderful message of hope on more than one front.

Chris has not had an easy time after losing his husband just before Christmas a year earlier. He has grieved, in many ways will always grieve, but he has decided that he needs to go on with life. It must be the hardest decision for someone who has lost their partner, and everyone has a different way of taking that next step. For Chris it is all about finding a new person to share his life with, and so he sets out on ten dates in ten days – sort of like speed dating on a larger scale.

His encounters with ten different men are as varied as the methods Chris uses to find them. Some are hilarious, some are outsight scary, some thought-provoking, and he ends up covering the whole “gay spectrum” as he calls it. Very well done! I loved his “scoring system” and the way he digests all these encounters – but the ending is the most perfect part of all.

If you like Christmas stories with lots of humor and emotion, if you think being alone is not something meant for everyone, and if you’re looking for a wonderful read that will make you laugh before leaving you with a smile, then I can recommend this short story.





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Format ebook
Length Short Story, 48 pages
Heat Level
Publication Date 26-November-2018
Price $0.99 ebook
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